Jan 4, 2021
Hi all
I have attempted to copy a climate control app from my car head unit. S07 radio 4.4 Kit Kat.
The unit is defective and wanted to repair it and reinstall the climate control app.
After copying the app to a USB the app no longer works on the original host. The app is on the screen and the icons illuminate when pressed but nothing happens
It is like the app no longer communicates to the cars can us.

the app did transfer to the USB but is obviously unresponsive on my pc as it is not connected to the car.

Can copying and pasting an app from the host make the original app still on the host unresponsive?

thank you all
My head unit has file manager on it
I simply copied the app from the internal storage and pasted it to my USB. The app remains on the internal storage but doesn’t work after this operation
You would need to reinstall the app., because it would be calling on system files to work and would have installed some of its own necessary information into processes to call on the OS. Copying the file would not copy all of that.
Thanks JMave
My device allows me to uninstall and launch apps but not reinstall them. I think the original app which I only copied and is still on internal storage would have retained its system files.
I only copied the app to a USB as a precaution in case I couldn’t repair my unit.
The app was on the device when I purchased it so i never installed it in the first place.
Can copying an app render it unusable on the original machine?
Is launch the same as install?
I am only guessing, but I wonder if the problem is that the unit is running Android 4.4, an OS that is very much out of date.
Are you able to contact the app vendor (or find it on the Play Store) to see if it can be still used?
Launch is not the same as install. Once the app is installed, you then launch (run) it .
Thanks again
The app was installed by the seller of the unit. He may have written it. It is used to control the climate control in my car. It is not available in the App Store for this reason. It was designed for 4.4.
I just don’t know how to reinstall this existing app on my existing device from the existing internal storage.
Thanks for clearing up the launch vs install terminology.
Do you know how to install an app that is already on the devices internal storage?
Thank you
You can't copy an app.
You can copy the apk of the app, which allows you to install it again on a device.
Any thing you are seeing on the unit are icons or remnants of what was, but technically it's gone.
You would need to reinstall the app using it's apk file, and since it sounds like you cannot install, ....
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Are you sure that you actually uninstalled the original?
Does the file manager let you see how much memory a file is taking up?

This can let you see if the app still exists or not.
Thanks puppykicker yes file manager tells me the app is 1.4 mb maybe I just need to work out how to reinstall it? The file was the same size before I backed it up
It appears that there is no need to reinstall it.

So, as far as you know, nothing was uninstalled or deleted?

Perhaps a restart of the system is in order.
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Be aware, that you may need to consult the owner's manual of the car, as many unexpected things can happen if the only way to restart the system is to disconnect the battery.

For instance, on my mother's 2002 Honda, if the battery is unhooked or goes dead, a number must be entered into the radio or else it will no longer work.

I have seen other ridiculous 'security' features on other vehicles as well.
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What vehicle is this system installed in?
There should be some way to restart it.

If it is not addressed in the owner's manual, then it should be included in a service manual or a repair manual (such as Chilton's) for the vehicle.

If all else fails, then a trip to the dealor may be in order.
As dealors tend to be expensive, I would use this as a last option.
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Another thing, possibly a shot in the dark here-

Maybe the unit has some sort of back up battery inside of it.

This can make it impossible to restart the unit by mearly disconnecting the vehicle's battery.

Unfortunately, I think that a trip to a dealor for the make of vehicle may be the quickest way to remedy the situation.
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