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Coping with WiFi WEP bug

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RBEmerson, Dec 15, 2013.

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    There is a bug in Android that causes attempts to connect with a WEP-secured access point to fail. The symptom is looping between two messages: Connecting... and Obtaining IP Address... This is a known bug in a range of Android versions. Unfortunately, the fix from Google hasn't propagated through the user community. There are three solutions:

    1) Change the access point from WEP security to WPA or stronger. This assumes that the router can support WPA (very old routers may not support WPA - think about replacing the router) and that the access point owner is willing to make the change from WEP to WPA. Assuming it's technically possible to change to WPA, the best argument for the change is simple: "WEP is not particularly secure, and is easily cracked". This fix is, for the access point owner and the user, the best solution. The owner gets better security, and the user doesn't encounter the bug (it appears only when encountering WEP security). What's not to like?

    2) Use a static IP when connecting to the access point in question. This requires no special permissions, but does require an understanding of IP addressing. (read "not for noobs") This is only a work-around and one that is known to fail (no Internet connection). This procedure is not recommended.

    3) Modify your phone's file structure to clear up old, and inaccurate, data. This procedure requires the phone to be rooted. For details on this, see the thread "Obtaining IP Address" loops on DHCP error
    This solution has all the risks associated with rooting and editing the phone's file structure.

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