Android Question

How does one copy the sent email folder and content from one's phone to a computer? I am using the android email program on a Galaxy SII phone. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your response, Rukbat. When I hook up my telephone to my computer, I am able to view my phone as if it were an external hard drive. However, I cannot see the sent folder in the directory.
It appears that the sent e-mails are localized to whatever device I am using. For example, if I send an e-mail via my computer, it shows up in the sent folder on my computer only. When I send an e-mail via my phone, it shows up in the sent folder on my phone only. Does it have anything to do with it is a POP server?
Hi Roger-
I will do as you suggest and use IMAP. That said, I will need to find a different e-mail service as the one that I am using uses POP.
Thanks again,