Copy / Paste Password?

I recently had lost my password on my forum site. I asked to recover and was sent an email. Pretty standard procedure.

I opened the email in gmail and tried to copy the password to my Firefox web browser in the password recovery field of the WordPress site. The tablet was unable to do this. It kept copying "your password is:" and not the password itself. I explicitly copied the password only.

I tried typing it in - switching back and forth from Gmail to Firefox - and finally gave up and went to my wife's computer.

Any idea why this didn't copy? 20.41.06.png 20.41.44.png


If you even tried typing it in then its either a Firefox problem or the site itself is not 100% compatible with the tablet. You could try changing the user agent though this is just a thought never had that problem. I've actually been doing a lot of copying and pasting from the n10's gmail (tracking numbers and such) with no problems at all