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Copy/Paste quoted texts within gmail app

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sapv, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. sapv

    sapv Member
    Thread Starter

    Is it possible to copy/paste received email contents (in other words, quoted texts) within gmail app on samsung captivate? I tried many methods but nothing seems to, work. Such a basic function but I am unable to figure out. Please help.

    I tried a roundabout method. I logged in to gmail from the browser. I did the same select text from the web page (which happened to be my mail) and copied the email. Too bad. A phone like this is lacking basic functionality

  2. sapv

    sapv Member
    Thread Starter

    anyone anyone at all who can help....:)
  3. velcom7

    velcom7 Lurker

    This one is killing me. This is like selling a car without a gas cap...come on!!
  4. Dirt McGirt

    Dirt McGirt Newbie

    I dont think we have that option. I know with attachements there is an option under settings to go into Copy Text mode.
  5. Dennis_Bham

    Dennis_Bham Well-Known Member

    Copy/Paste does not exist in the gmail app for android 2.1. The stock browser does support it tho, so if you use the stock browser to access the mobile gmail site you can do it.

    The new gmail app in the market that requires android 2.2 added copy/paste.
  6. Scrappy.HTC

    Scrappy.HTC Lurker


    I was trying to do the same thing in Copying / Past information from e-mail and i've didn't pass either, it is frustrating when you know something that is always been in electronic it has been taking away for something that has a good use for and now it make it seem the phone is useless, well i need to know to I have the SAMSUNG AT&T Infuse 4G and my lady has the SAMSUN VERIZON 4G and they both do the same damn thing...i wish they bring it back thru the Android UPDates.....But im neeing help also

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