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Copying music to the Captivate?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jkl2000, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. jkl2000

    jkl2000 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I now have my Captivate connected to my PC and I want to copy some music files to it. What do you guys do, just dump MP3s into the Music folder on the Captivate? Do you drag Folders with all the MP3s from an album into the Music folder? I don't know if the Captivate works off of ID3 tags or just filenames like some CD players.

    Or do you recommend using something like DoubleTwist? Thing is, I really have no interest in synching the music with my PC.

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  2. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    I'm pretty sure you just dump albums or MP3s into the music folder.
  3. naxir

    naxir Member

    I made a folder inside of the media folder for my music and drag and drop my music into it. the end :)
  4. Chew

    Chew Android Enthusiast

    All of the various programs I tried (doubletwist, itunes agent, etc) had problems.

    I'm just sticking to drag and drop.
  5. skinien

    skinien Android Enthusiast

    I use Windows Media player. I set up a playlist in Media Player and set up my Captivate to sync that playlist only. That way, it doesn't blindly sync my entire library (there are some songs I don't want on my phone). I plug it in and it syncs automatically... just like my iPhone did with iTunes. You can also add album art and fix up the genres, artists, etc. to lump them together the way you like.
  6. michindi

    michindi Newbie

    When you copied the cd to your computer did you lose your song titles and the artist name? For some reason I did
  7. jkl2000

    jkl2000 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, I'm trying to just drag and drop into the music folder, and it's saying The Disk is Write Protected! What the hell! I've never had so much trouble with a portable device! And it won't let me change the properties.
  8. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Make sure you mount your phone.
  9. jkl2000

    jkl2000 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I did mount it. Thought when I select Turn off USB storage, it says remember to unmount the USB host. What is the USB host? God, this stuff is way more complicated than the usual. And what does turning off USB storage even mean? Does it do that automatically when you unplug the Captivate from the PC?
  10. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Check your micros sd card. Take it out and put it back in.
  11. jkl2000

    jkl2000 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm using the internal card, I didn't insert a card.
  12. jkl2000

    jkl2000 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, it works if I set USB Settings to Media player. WTF? Why are there are these different USB settings? Why is it needed here if it's not on a PC or MP3 player? How do they expect people to figure these things out except by reading groups like this and hours of trial and error? I'm just surprised. Is the iPhone this bad? Maybe it's just the difference between Apples and PCs? I do prefer PCs to Apples but this seems crazy.

    Have to say though, the Music Player seems pretty sweet. :)
  13. myrv

    myrv Member

    I have found that the surest way to be able to modify the sd card and transfer files is with the media player setting. Not sure why the USB Mass Storage setting doesn't seem to work but I'm not really worried about it as long as Media Player works.
  14. bmoliver

    bmoliver Well-Known Member

    I have been using Mediamonkey (ver. 3.2.1) for syncing my mp3's to the Captivate. Works just fine.

  15. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    I use the simple, safe, tried-and-true copy method via USB mass storage. Straightforward and works every time with no surprises or issues.
  16. mi04se1

    mi04se1 Android Enthusiast

    Media Monkey here also and bypassing the phone and putting an external sd card into the computer.
  17. BSplit

    BSplit Lurker

  18. Tiptopdrop

    Tiptopdrop Newbie

    Search for "iSyncr" in the Android Market if you want to import your playlists from iTunes to the Music Player. iSyncr does not work with Media Monkey though. You'd have to keep using iTunes.
  19. Infinite-t

    Infinite-t Android Enthusiast

    When you turn off the mass storage mode to disconnect, when it says remember to unmount the USB host, that would be your computer. If you are using windows, down near the clock, you will see the USB notification icon, click it, and click safely disconnect device, select your capt. It will then say something like, it is now safe to disconnect. That is what it is refering to when it says "unmount USB host".
  20. TXBamanut

    TXBamanut Newbie

    None of this has worked for me so far.

    If I use the Media Player, I get this RIDICULOUS "MTP Application" that starts just flashing with a big USB icon in the middle and a dot-status bar with the word "Inistialising" on it, until it turns off....looks like my screen is having an epileptic seizure.

    If I use Mass Storage, my computer recognizes it until I get ready to drag something over...it's gone like the wind from the explorer tree. Then I've got the magical mysterious double Twist...it won't have anything to do with my phone, until, of course, I get lucky and get Windows Media Player to actually notice the phone, then it comes charging in to blow that up, like a middle school girl who just noticed the guy she loves to crap on and ignore is being noticed by someone else.

    Not to mention that most of my miraculous files are wma's with drm from Walmart (what a mistake) that I can't get to play on my player, on the phone OR the installed client of double Twist, on the machine where they'll all play on WMP.

    That's all contingent of if this bright idea some engineer had of the mini-USB plug that absolutely will not stay in it's port if a baby coughs in Singapore...dang sick baby.

    Oh, the joy...not so much. I'm going to bed to pick this up tomorrow...it will all work out, I know. :)
  21. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    You're not opening the protective slider door all the way. Slide it even further/harder until it "clicks" open and into place. Then the USB cable will fit snugly and securely.
  22. Respen

    Respen Newbie

    Another route you can take if you have wifi at home is downloading an ftp server like swiftp, then launch it on your phone. You can then access your phone's storage from an ftp client on your computer and drag and drop to your hearts content.
  23. Segfault

    Segfault Well-Known Member

    Is anybody thats using media monkey able to copy their playlists over to the phone? I was able to upload music without a problem using MTP but no playlists.
  24. CASUAL

    CASUAL Well-Known Member

    I was about to start a new thread but i found this.
    (props to me for using the search bar haha)
    okay heres my situation. I have no experience uploading music into anything.
    I just know I hate Itunes and i want music in my captivate.

    I own a bunch of Cds so what do I Do?

    people have said its easy and its just drag and drop but i dont know anything at all..
    can any of you guys help me

    i have never had a chance to test out my music player..but right now i opened a new window and went on youtube..and plugged in my samsung headphones into the computer and it sounds awesome!! they are awesome little headphones...origianlly i was using ipod speakers
  25. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    Step 1: Rip the CDs and convert them into files. Don't use Windows Media Player for this. There are endless numbers of free apps out there that do this easier and a better job. The Captivate will play both the traditional MP3 format as well as OGG (my preference). One popular app is Audiograbber.

    Step 2: Copy them to the device. Make sure your USB mode is set to "Mass Storage". Then plug the cable into the computer, and when the USB notification appears in the notification bar, pull it down, press it, then choose [Mount]. Your Captivate's storage should now appear as a new drive letter.

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