Help Cord or port?


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I'm wondering what causes my phone to not charge at times. Is it the usb cords or the port to which they connect to in the phone? I've gone through numerous cords and honestly the last few haven't been Samsung OE cords they've been made by Annker(?). I ordered them from Amazon in a bundle. They work fine for a few weeks then will start to not stay fitted. Anyone else experience the same? Just wondering here.


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There is a notorious design flaw in the charging port of the Galaxy S3. My daughter has been through 2; since the phone is now out of warranty, we have an extra battery and external charger.


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My wife's S3 was always finicky about the charging block it would work with. It wouldn't work with my GNex charger or older chargers. I have had luck with Anker chargers and cables.