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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Firewill10, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I noticed a new app appear on my s5 today. It is called corezone and the icon is and Android guy. No idea what it is. I tapped it and it says oops page not yet available

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  2. amillard715

    amillard715 Lurker

    I have the same thing. Any idea what it is?
  3. goybar

    goybar Lurker

    Same here S3 on Virgin Mobile.
  4. amillard715

    amillard715 Lurker

    My brother has it on his s3 also
  5. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    As quickly n quietly as it appeared, it has disappeared haha
  6. goybar

    goybar Lurker

    Still on my and a co-workers S3.

    Still do not know what it is or found a way to remove it.
  7. 1oddmanout

    1oddmanout Lurker

    And it uses 26.04MB memory and can't be uninstalled. Contacting VM
  8. 1oddmanout

    1oddmanout Lurker

    After 58 minutes with VM (level 2, and supervisors) and receiving many conflicting answers (system app, not system app, preinstalled, not preinstalled, not our program), they finally said it was an LG program, and "here's the number". After 21 minutes with LG, not their program.
    This might be new and related - go to My Account app, my device, touch the 3 little bars, scroll down to settings, and a new window called Customer Care says "intercept calls to care" and "customer care calls pass through Zone".
    26MB of space for this?
    VM personnel can't even find info on their computers, so get used to it.
  9. SaulJackson

    SaulJackson Lurker

    I have Boost Mobile as my carrier. My phone is an Android LG Volt. I also have had this CoreZone suddenly appear on my phone. I called Boost and they had no idea and eventually suggested that i call LG. I called them and the representative said it must be malware and told me to do a factory reset. I did a reset (which completely wipes your phone and starts from scratch ) and even after the reset i STILL have CoreZone on my phone so i call LG back and the representative i talk to this time says she dont know why the last rep had me do a reset and they still dont know what it is and are researching it.... I personally think its another spying mechanism. If we dont download any of the apps they use to spy on us with they sneak one onto our phone and hope that with all the other nonsence apps on our phone we wont see it.
  10. 1oddmanout

    1oddmanout Lurker

    I agree, and don't like it, but like Firewill10, the app icon seems to have disappeared after turning phone off and on. The panel in account settings still indicates that calls to customer care go through the "Zone". May be still active but now hidden.
  11. goybar

    goybar Lurker

    My wife's VM LG Volt doesn't have the CoreZone.

    By my Samsung S3 still has it, even after a reboot.
  12. goybar

    goybar Lurker

    WTF, now it is not showing up.

    Now it is hidden, and still no way of knowing what it is, or what it is doing.
  13. My carrier is Boost Mobile and I have a Boost Max. I too noticed the icon CoreZone appear on my phone after doing a Boost Zone update today. When clicking on it, it said "Oops This page does not exist. Try again later." I went to Manage Apps, then Boost Zone and clicked on Uninstall Updates. The icon is now gone. I did the update again as an experiment and the icon reappeared. It has something to do with the update.
  14. itzme

    itzme Lurker

    I uninstalled the "Boost Zone" app on my LG Optimus F7 & the corezone has disappeared so far.
  15. gjj316

    gjj316 Lurker

    I uninstalled the Boost update and now Corezone is gone. My phone updated Boost Zone last night... So it has something to do with that damn update.
  16. itzme

    itzme Lurker

    I uninstalled all the Boost Apps possible, but could only Uninstall the "Boost Zone" Updates which is the one that seems to be attached to Corezone. Then, under App Management I was able to Disable & Force Stop it and now I'm Corezone Free.
  17. Miestro

    Miestro Lurker

    It appered on my lg tribute 5 after watching some you tube videos on the dulce base incident and other conspiracy videos on massive tunnels being built. This report broke down mad creepy stuff that is beign seen to day with synthetics humans. Underground cities being built. All videos i saw were posted by differenr ppl. Aliens exsist and the experimenting. On us building a different government. Under us. That app creeped me out cause i saw a video of a dude that said he was beign controlled buy an app. A quickly as i saw it i removed it. Jesus christ is lord brother. Reading what read about no one knows what it is. I know it was to delet or change something on my phone.
  18. Someone1124

    Someone1124 Lurker

    It sayed that the app could determine my approximate location, check my call logs, contacts, edit my text, and a whole bunch of other thing dont know where it came from but I watched like 4 hours worth of Area 51 conspiracies the other day forced stopped it as soon as I Seen what it could do also I can't open it or remove...creepy
  19. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Didn't the thread already establish it was Boost Mobile and not grey aliens?

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