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Corrupted ID3Tags?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Co1dNight, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Co1dNight

    Co1dNight Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I added music to my HP Slate 7, and for some reason certain characters (

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  2. Corpsecrank

    Corpsecrank Newbie

    Those look like latin or spanish originating titles. I am guessing they contain many accent markings above each character that has been replaced by a chinese or other eastern language character.

    When this happens it means that the device you are using cannot properly read the tags because they are not encoded in a way the device supports. UTF-8 is one example of encoding I am talking about. Tags may be encoded in a few different ways but only some standards are supported by most all devices I believe the one above is a highly compatible standard.

    When you encode tags with a standard not compatible with the device then the device will replace characters it cannot display with something it can. Think of the odd character as a simple placeholder used by the device rather than a corrupted tag. The tag is still there exactly the same as it was before but the tablet cannot read the tag correctly in this case so it "fills in the blanks" with odd characters.

    If you want to save some time you can convert all of the tags easily from one type of encoding to another with free tools just look for a free audio tagging tool on google. Most of them will say they can convert tags from one format to another this is what you need. Convert the tags and the tablet will read them back fine.

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