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Support Corrupted internal partition

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Royk14, Aug 11, 2016.

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    I recently installed CyanogenMod 13 on my Oppo Find 7 beacuse the ColorOS is horrible.
    I had a few issues in getting everything ok, specially when installing Google Apps, because I had not enough space, despite my phone having 32GB of internal memory. This meant I had to make some partition management before reinstalling CM13 in order to be able to use all of my phone's memory.
    What happened is that now I have a Portable storage named "sdcard0" which is NOT my sdcard and it is Corrupted. When I try to Set Up this sdcard0 (Erase & Format) I get an error saying "command '785 volume partition disk: 179_0 public' failed with 400 785 Command failed'" and the sdcard0 stays Corrupted.
    This wouldn't bother me if my Camera worked fine, which it doesn't. Any Camera app that I install is, by default, unsuccessfully trying to store photos on the sdcard0. I haven't find any camera app that allows to change the storage directory to my actual sdcard and some don't even start.
    Any application that can take photos (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc...) is not working properly and that's a problem because I really like taking photos.
    I like the Open Camera app and I would like to be able to use it. Also, I would be glad if I didn't have to format and reinstall my OS again, but hey, if that's the only way to solve this, be it.
    Can someone help me?


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