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Corrupted MP3 Files

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by MrPlatypuss, Mar 1, 2016.

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    I own a Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 and the currently used Android-version is 4.4.4. I listen to lots of music. I own about 400 songs in my music library (I'm not using spotify, and I'm never going to). I had to reset my phone recently which forced me to get this update, which now has put me in a spot that says that I can't change the info on the files I'm using (WHY?!). But my real problem is that I bought a 32 GB SD-card. I did this because whenever I tried to take a picture, add another song to my library or download an app of somekind, it just said something like "Hey, you can't, this space is full!" And because of that all of my 400 tracks are on my computer, I have to first place the tracks in the phone memory, edit the track's info then move it to the SD-card. But when I have moved the files to the SD-card parts are missing from the tracks. Either it's just straight off cut, or the track simply stops when it's about 15-30 seconds left and starts playing the next song. And it's always 15-30 seconds that are missing, no matter which way it's missing. I don't know if it's the computer I'm currently using or if it's something obvious I've missed, but if you know how to solve the problem I would be glad if you could tell me...

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