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Support Coscto Verizon GS3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lickwidravr, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. lickwidravr

    lickwidravr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 10, 2011
    OK so I successfully converted my girlfriend into a SGS3 user (previous iPhone user) and she loves the phone.

    We got it at Costco with their accessories bundle blah blah.

    The issue she's having is that her battery life has been horrid (in 3 hours unplugged at night it went from 100 to 75% zero usage. this isn't the worst issue though.

    The larger issue that needs to be addressed is that her phone gave her an error last night stating "Charging paused, battery temperature too high" not sure if its an issue with the phone or if it was an issue with the charger that came in the accessory bundle from Costco.

    Has anyone had this similar issue?


  2. bpsanborn

    bpsanborn Member

    Sep 5, 2012
    Groton, MA USA
    The battery life issue has been covered very well in the forum. You need to turn off some of the sync, WiFi and such if you want low battery use overnight. Do a search on "power saving" and/or "battery life".

    The over heated battery during charging is a clear sign that the aftermarket charger in the Costco bundle is charging at too high an amperage rate. Why not just use the Samsung charger that came with phone? Charging at a high rate will shorten the life of the battery for sure.


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