Cost of Best Buy Product Replacement Plan


Anybody know what the cost will be for the Best Buy Product Replacement Plan for the EVO 4G? Is the Best Buy Replacement Plan a good deal? Are other plans better?


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$9.99 a month. I work at Best Buy Mobile, and we like our protection plan, but we understand it's not the perfect plan for everyone.

The key differences between our plan and Sprint's Total Equipment Protection plan are as follows:

With Sprint TEP, you will be charged a $100 deductible if you need to replace a damaged or lost phone. With BB, we charge no deductible. You are also limited to 2 claims per year with TEP. There is no limit on BB protection.

However, the way our plan works is that we send a damaged phone to a company called Touchstone Wireless and they either fix and return the phone to the store, or advise us to give you a brand new one from store stock. This process generally takes around 3 to 4 weeks. We will provide a loaner phone with a security deposit if requested, however it will not be an Evo (or anything close.) Sprint also covers lost or stolen property, which our plan does not.

Our plan does come with a few neat benefits. If your charger or battery dies on you, all you have to do is dial 1-888-BEST-BUY to have a new one shipped straight to your residence.

So there you go. Big differences are obviously the monthy cost, deductible vs no deductible, and quick turn around vs 3-4 weeks.

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with sprint if you battery stops working they give you a free on in store on the spot. i had about 3 fail with the palm pre. also if the phone stops working and its no fault of your own sprint will replace it in store or have one overnighted if they dont have any instock. once again pre failed me 4 or 5 times. the only time u have to pay the deductible is if you lose the phone or damage the phone.