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Costco selling Inspire 4G Early!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by g_patrick15, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. g_patrick15

    g_patrick15 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    According to a thread on android central, costco is selling them right nor for $50 new contract.

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  2. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    True I just returned from Costco with my friend who was out of contract. It only took 30 minutes and just $50 + tx. No other fees. I'm waiting till Sunday to pickup mine from AT&T.
  3. crea78

    crea78 Newbie

    I can't wait to get mine now!! I hope we can root this device sooner rather than later. Also, since I am not the primary account holder, will I need that person to be with me to get the phone at Costco?
  4. thoffland

    thoffland Well-Known Member

    I just called my costco, they're selling them too. I'll be there tomorrow when they open!

    Edit: My Costco cannot sell unless your eligible for upgrade, and the upgrade cost at this store is $80. Looks like I'm still waiting until Sunday. :(
  5. aimfire72

    aimfire72 Newbie

    Anyone know if they're selling it off-contract? Price?
  6. crea78

    crea78 Newbie

    Looks like I'll have to wait another 9 days before I can upgrade my phone. That's OK with me, but I'll still play around with it this coming Monday.
  7. checkride

    checkride Newbie

    I just got back from Costco. I asked if they were selling the phone. He said "No, we're not supposed to sell those until Sunday...AT&T would get mad." Then he tried to sell me a Samsung Focus with Win 7. GTFO DUDE!

    The price is $79 there instead of $99 at AT&T.
  8. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    I don't know how Costco rules address the primary account holder. I've always been the primary account holder.

    However I do know how it's handled in an AT&T store since I'm one of those people that actually reads the terms & conditions, and the contract as well.

    Am I a nerd or what ? :)

    As far as Costco charging an $80 fee, that's outrageous.
  9. Oridus

    Oridus Android Enthusiast

    Lol, I forsee Costco getting a stern "talkin to" from AT&T/HTC..... there's lots of trouble to get into for releasing product early. L.O.L.
  10. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    I would certainly think so.
  11. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Android Enthusiast

    Costco rules! Typing from mine right now- $50 and gave me a holster and car charger.
  12. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    Wow, I figured with Amazon having it at $100, nobody could sell cheaper than that. Guess not. Should see if anybody has it free with contract.
  13. coupequattro

    coupequattro Newbie

    Just got back from Costco with mine :) , It was not on display, had to ask for it, 79 plus taxes (ca)
  14. Special Edd

    Special Edd Newbie

    I went to the ATT store a couple of hours ago. No sale. The guy I talked to didn't know anything about the phone. He went back to his manager and found out that they had them but couldn't sell them until tomorrow :(
  15. RyanOC

    RyanOC Lurker

    Just ran and picked mine up after reading this thread. Got it for $79 and the salesman said he wasn't supposed to do it but didn't care. Works for me!

  16. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Android Enthusiast

    where did you get it?
  17. RyanOC

    RyanOC Lurker

  18. kstruck

    kstruck Well-Known Member

    My local Costco (Colorado) refused to sell it even after I told them other Costco were selling it. The girl who was helping me said they received a email this morning that they were not to sell it until Sunday morning.

    I was going to try another Costco but figured it wasn't worth the hassle.
  19. harlenm

    harlenm Well-Known Member

    I got denied at my AT&T store. Was told they were under strict orders not to sell it till tomorrow. She said they'd hold one for me, but I won't have time to go back and will need to go to a different store on Monday.
  20. kb58

    kb58 Well-Known Member

    At Costco: Let's see, beer - check, toilet paper - check, tomatos - check, milk - check, and one HTC Inspire 4G ---CHECK! It wasn't in their computer, which caused havok in the checkout line, but they manually pushed it through and I was golden.

    Yup, I'm now in the Inspire Fanboi club. Coming from a Blackberry, this is like being tossed the keys to a Ferrari. Expect to see a lot of me here now, as after weeks of fixating on choosing a phone I can get on with things!

    [edit] I should add that when it was powered up and my account swapped over, the all-important "H+" appeared WITH the up and down arrows, indicating that it really was running on HSPA+ at the high speed. After the battery's charged I'll do a speed check.
  21. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

    For those that have one around, Fry's Electronics is also selling them (I saw them sell 2 today to some lady)
  22. jdk2

    jdk2 Well-Known Member

    I tried at a local WalMart and was also denied. The clerk said that the phone had been removed from the system until this morning (Sunday) due to having a few let loose early.

    On a side note, he also said they received 15 iPhones for VZW. Not one had been sold as of late last night.
  23. PSXBatou

    PSXBatou Well-Known Member

    I picked mine up earlier today at Costco. It took them nearly 20 min to get the battery door opened, they weren't kidding when they said it was difficult.
  24. pixar

    pixar Newbie

    Going in this morning. Since Costco opens an hourly earlier than Best Buy, will try my luck there.
  25. kb58

    kb58 Well-Known Member

    I should post this elsewhere, but the guys couldn't get my battery door open either. However, *I* was able to open it by sticking my fingernail in there and wedging it open. So glad I didn't let them continue trying and end up dinging up a brand new phone.

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