could Nexus 10 have HDMI out?

Curious Mew

I've researched just about every tablet on the market and still cannot make any decisions on which tablet is right for me. The only things holding me back from the N7 is the 7" screen and no HDMI.

I want to know what you guys expect from the assumed Nexus 10? I want it to have HDMI.. but I'm beginning to think the Nexus Q will be the one to facilitate that, and I'm definitely not interested in the Q :eek:


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From what I've seen so far 10" screen (obviously), no SD slot, and will come in a 16GB and 32GB version starting at $299.00.
No word on HDMI. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. I wouldn't count on it......


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I've moved this to the android lounge since it isn't really anything to do with the N7 :)