Help Could not connect to mobile network

hi i just recently bought samsung galaxy SL. but then when i tried to connect to the internet, i could not. There is no connection whatsover, even the 3G logo is not working.

1. "use packet data" is checked
2. "data roaming" is checked
3. "network mode" is on auto mode
4. APN is set to my service provider w/c is myGlobe internet (since i'm from the philippines
5. name, APN, MCC, MNC and APN type are all populated.
6. on the power button, "data network mode" is activated

that pretty much sums it up, my settings. but still, i haven't figured it out.

i would appreciate if someone could help me on this one since i'm new to the android scene. thanks


Hi! have u resolved ur problem? i think u should use myGlobeCONNECT, then choose WCMDA, disable the roaming and set Globe as network. Enable packetdata. and that's it. u should be able to connect already..:)


The Doctor
Prepaid user should use MyGlobe inet. Postpaid users only can connect to myGlobe internet. If you're a prepaid user, that access point wont work.