Root Could this help GPS?


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I know much of the Triumph GPS issue is hardware, but the following link seems to indicate some speed up is possible.

Gerrit Code Review

"Set supl_host_set flag in loc_eng_set_server

Without this flag GPS mode is always set to GPS_POSITION_MODE_STANDALONE
and fixes take ages to complete.

Patch 13598000 assumes that supl_host_set or c2k_host_set are always set
when there's corresponding configuration but this is actually only true
in case loc_eng_set_server_proxy (which isn't called on the Legend) sets
them. This patch fixes that."


I will try and look into this. Been really focused on other issues with CM7 right now. Since I don't have tons of time when it comes to working on the code I have been making baby steps at best.


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I don't use GPS that much so no hurry for me.
I have been testing Miui RePortaled V.2.0 , and what I don't get is that GPS locks much faster for me on MIUI.
I have also noticed that a fix happens much faster if i disconnect 3G and access WIFI.