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Support Could use a little help anyone have any ideas?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Johnny Mo, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Johnny Mo

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    Jan 4, 2011

    Jan 4, 2011
    Anyone else seeing these issues????

    I've been told 2 different stories by Moto tech support on this - most recently resulting in asking VZW to send me a replacement device (not expecting it to solve anything though).

    1) Groups don't work in GMAIL on the phone. You can compose an email to a group but you can't forward and auto-complete of the address in the "to:" field doesn't work with groups. This I knew already.

    2) There is a much bigger issue with groups in regular Email App and Contact list in general. Contacts are allowed to have multiple email addresses - this works especially well when you have a contact list for a kid's sports team that you need to manage and communicate with frequently. Great solution I had (under froyo) was to identify the 17 kids on the team as contacts and then assign them all of their parent's contact info (mom email1, mom email2, dad email1, dad email2 etc)...that way in an emergency - very easy to identify WHO needs to be contacted (with divorce and other things like domestic partners etc - it becomes a hassle to have to try and sort thru 100's of contacts to track down who to contact).

    Additionally, this feature allowed you to keep a number of email addresses under a single contact AND if you included that contact in a GROUP DL (Team 1) all of those email addresses could be easily selected via a check box as a default include/exclude in the group email. NOW in GB it requires you to select a SINGLE default email address per contact. It leaves you NO option to include multiple email addresses for the same contact (i.e. work/home) - which defeats the purpose of multiple email addresses (or contact phone numbers for that matter) for a contact. So now each parent has to be listed as a contact separately AND only 1 email address will work.

    I thought maybe I can fool the system and add each person in the DL multiple times with a different default - but that doesn't work - the system doesn't even recognize a person who is already on the list for adding to it. The only other way to do it would be to add John Smith1-Work, John Smith2-Home as separate contacts...which makes no sense.

    I also read somewhere on here to format the email using the multiple addresses as a single address separated by the bracket symbols" >,< " and that seems to work - but it is not the best option since it was actually working properly in the prior version.

    3) In the To: field I used to be able to type in a contact's name and then get a set of check boxes as to which email address(es) I wanted to send to, now it brings up all "filtered character string matches" and you can only select one, you must then start keying in the name again and select the other email address.

    BTW the thing that really frustrates me is that if you are sending a person's contact info to a friend as a vcard - the checkbox functionality for what #'s email addy's you want to send still exists, so really all they need to do is add that back to the rest of the items that contacts are used for.

    Anyway just frustrated with it all and hadn't really seen this as an issue with any other posters out here. Waiting for my replacement device so that I can prove the tech wrong - it is not a hardware issue or a software installation issue - it is a software feautre issue that needs to be fixed.


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