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Couple of odd problems I'm having.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by soloxplorer, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. soloxplorer

    soloxplorer Lurker
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    Sorry for the crappy title, but this is a two-part problem.

    Device is a Samsung Galaxy Blaze, model SGH-T769 running Android 2.3.6

    I've mostly just been dealing with it, but now it is getting annoying. For the last several months my phone has decided it will no longer receive media messages (such as pictures via text message) while connected over a wifi. Once I get onto the 4g network it'll download with no issues, it's only over wifi that I have this problem. Not sure where to start looking to diagnose this since my searching shows people having the opposite problem.

    The other issue is the phone will quite randomly decide to "freeze" where I cannot type anything into a message box. Everything else works just fine, it's the ability to send a text, email, do a search, etc that is hindered. I have a live wallpaper, so as soon as it no longer moves I know I won't be typing anything in. Tried other wallpapers as well (live or otherwise) and the issue remains.

    Not sure where to start with these.

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