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Support Couple of problems I've encountered

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by t4sporter, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. t4sporter

    t4sporter New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 26, 2010
    Has anyone found their screen goes blank when receiving a call? It carries on ringing, but the screen flashes on and off, making it impossible to pick up a call straight away - you have to wait til it decides to show you the buttons again!

    Pretty frustrating.

    Also, when setting the phone up it asked me if I wanted to import Facebook contacts, which I OK'd... now decided this was a bad move as I have all these contacts who I will never want to call (and can't anyway, only e-mail) clogging the whole thing up. I know you can filter contacts, but actually I really just want to remove them completely. Can't find a way of managing this without doing them one by one though..

    All advice gratefully received.

    Oh yeah, and if anyone has any must-have apps that make life with a Streak that bit easier, please tell me! I'm wondering about application managers?

    (I spent a long time messing around with the Google and TouchDown calendars and have finally come to the conclusion that the Google calendar with the cutomised CalWidget is the best solution, but thats all I can offer advice-wise so far! )



  2. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2010
    Near Bristol
    Hey Anna

    I havent had that phonecall problem myself you didnt accidentally cover the proximity sensor when picking it up to answer the call did you?

    If you go into settings. then partner services. then facebook you can turn off address book synch in there which should remove them from the contacts list.

    As for useful apps..... where to begin. This is a small list of ones I use. Im sure others have their favourites.

    Quick settings - customisable access to all settings quickly.
    advanced task manager - to kill off unwanted apps.
    astro file manager - file manager
    3g watch dog - to manage my data usage.
    mini info - displays memory and battery info as widget and more detailed info
    facebook - the dell widget is terrible the default facebook apps alot better
    beautiful widgets - does alot of nifty things. well worth a purchase. combined clock weather calendar.
    handcent sms - great sms app
    doubletwist - music player and syncer for the pc and your phone.

    theres tons of others I could list but those are my essentials.

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