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Support Couple questions about Taskiller

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chixdigit, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. chixdigit

    chixdigit Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 6, 2009
    Medical Device Sales
    San Antonio, TX
    Hey everyone,
    I have been using TasKiller on my Moment for months now.
    I use it for 2 reasons:
    1) I feel that the lower the amount of apps that I have running, the higher my available memory will be. I use it to kill the apps that automatically start up when I power up my phone but I don't use- such as NFL Live, Instant Messaging, Sprint Nav, and several others. I also use it to kill an app after I am done using it- such as browser, Slacker, Note Everything, etc. Again, I feel like I am freeing up available memory when I am killing apps that I don't want running or I am done using.
    2) I also feel that this will help save battery by killing said apps. Less CPU being used means less power being used to me.

    I know it is really up for debate as to if these "background" apps are really using CPU and battery, but I kinda just like the peace of mind in being able to kill all these apps from running when I don't want or use them.

    Sorry for rambling.. Here are the questions that I'd really appreciate some input on:
    1) I've noticed that sometimes when I kill an app, TasKiller's "available memory" indication actually DROPS! Example, memory will be showing at 44M and then I'll kill a random app that I am done using and it will drop to 39M! Yes, most of the time the "avaliable memory" will go up when I kill an app, but does anyone know why that # will sometimes drop when random apps are killed?

    2) I just helped a friend set up his Motorolla Cliq today, and I installed TasKiller on his phone. Available memory was showing at 126M with his basic apps still running!
    It got me thinking that our phones have 256M for O/S, right? My "ignored" apps under TasKiller are pretty bare bones (mostly O/S type "com." stuff), and I really don't have a very big amount of apps on my phone, and I am usually averaging around 44M with all the un-needed apps killed!!
    What kinds of available memory do you other TasKiller users see on your Moments when you've killed all apps you are not using?
    Do you think an average of 44M of avail memory on my is phone normal?
    Anyone have any idea why his Cliq was showing 126M of avail memory? I have never gone over 60M on my phone.

    Any input as to these 2 concerns would really be appreciated..



  2. fildrigar

    fildrigar Active Member

    Sep 27, 2009
    I'm of the opinion that you should let Android do it's job and leave the task killers alone. They aren't as needed with Android as they are with WinMo.
  3. meangene

    meangene Well-Known Member

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