Cover art for Ogg Vorbis music files?

I have all of my CDs in FLAC format on a file server. I recently transcoded them to Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) files, and I have transferred the .ogg files to my TB. They play and sound great. However, I cannot get any sort of cover art to show up for them.

According to this blog, HTC uses a weird naming scheme for album art images that are placed in their corresponding album's directory. Stock Android uses "AlbumArt.jpg" while HTC Sense uses something like ~htc_<album name>.jpg.

Is this true? Is there a better way around this? I tried adding a picture tag to my .ogg files, but it is my understanding that Android doesn't recognize this tag in .ogg files (only in MP3 files). :( :thinking:
I use .ogg with albumart.jpg in each album's directory. Works with the HTC / Thunderbolt player. But the file will become the picture for every song in that folder, irrespective of what the metadata says. So of you have three albums (by metadata) in one directory, they'll have the same picture. Only way around that is to use more folders.


May I suggest using 'Album Art Grabber' by MyLittleBigApps.

I've tested with mp3, ogg, m4a. Works like a charm. I dont think it modifies the file but instead with the system cache. You may notice that if you have a folder structure for albums, then a copy of the art (.jpg) is created, you may delete this if you want, it will still display in the images in the music player.

If you have all your music files in one folder, no jpg files are created.