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Cowboy Unleashed [Free]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ParadoxInc, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    Are you feeling an adventure in you? Do you want to be a Cowboy? Do you have guts to take Challenges?
    Then you are in the right place. Cowboy Unleashed provides you with a daring adventure in the middle of a Desert.

    Feature Image.jpg

    Cowboy Unleashed brings you an ultimate experience of controlling the Horse and the Cowboy at the same time.

    The Horse will jump when you Tap the left side of your screen. Cowboy will jump when you Tap the right side of your screen. Horse will face the wooden logs whereas Cowboy will face the Desert Arches which both have to avoid at the same time. If you fail, the level will be restarted again.


    -> Addictive
    -> Challenging
    -> Adventurous

    This game is specially designed to give you a Western feel that will keep you playing for hours.

    Search Cowboy Unleashed on Play Store to get the game for free.

    Hope you will like the game. Thanks


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  2. ParadoxInc

    ParadoxInc Lurker
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    New characters coming soon!

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