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CPCDroid - Amstrad CPC Emulator for Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by realFMS, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. realFMS

    realFMS Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I've working for some time in a port of and Amstrad CPC Emulator for Android. Finally, there is a version worth publishing.
    It's fully functional and runs most of existent CPC software.

    You can download it at:

    CPCDroid - Amstrad CPC on Android phone

    It is based on PSPCAP32 (port of Caprice 32 for PSP) by Zx81 and uses Pelya SDL library.

    Main features are:
    - Screenshot support
    - Snapshot support (5 slots per loaded disk name)
    - Disk A & B Support
    - Autodetection of start file inside loaded DSK image (the program should start automatically after insertion of disk if not disabled in settings)
    - Comments for games
    - Cheats
    - Keyboard remapping (saving, loading, etc..) to ease use of CPC Keyboard with SDL touchscreen virtual buttons
    - Joystick remap (as in keyboard remapping)
    - Settings support (for changing emulator parameters as rendering mode, skip fps in slow or older phones, etc...)
    - Configuration men

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  2. shaolin95

    shaolin95 Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate!
    While I am not very familiar with this one as I was a C64 fan, I love getting old emulators (avid reader of Retro Gaming magazin too) so I cant thank you enough. :)
  3. realFMS

    realFMS Lurker
    Thread Starter

    You're welcome.

    I'm aslo a fan of retrogaming and in all the platforms I've used (PC, PSP, PS2, etc...) I've always installed, if available, an Amstrad CPC emulator and played some of the titles I had for CPC.

    Now I'm trying to finish "The Last Mission" in CPCDroid using the snapshots features because is a really hard game and I was not able to beat it in the CPC (I didn't have pokes for this game).
  4. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Android Expert

    Wow, this is awesome, this was our first home computer when I was a kid (and Dad would bring home the schools C64 on weekends). Time for a nostalgia trip!
  5. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Android Enthusiast

    omg afterburner, chuck yeager, california games

    I just found out about the N64 emulator today too, I'm a little more excited for this one.. lol
  6. Rcomian

    Rcomian Lurker

    Any chance of getting this into the market? I'd love to get any updates that come out.

    I've found that the key-repeat speed on the joystick is a bit too high in some cases and would like to reduce it, although not sure where to start and can't find any settings for it.

    In particular, captain blood is very hard to use, as the cursor skips past the icons. Also just setting up the keyboard can be tricky as left/right often skips past the value you're after.

    This blows me away tho. Loving it on the Xoom.
  7. FroGGger

    FroGGger Lurker

    Woo! I've been looking for an Amstrad CPC emulator for ages, thank you!

    I'd love to see future updates of this. Please?
  8. michelsausb

    michelsausb Lurker


    Sorry about my bad english, i`m german...
    my HTC Desire HD can`t install this programm..
    has anybody a idea?

    Greetings from Dresden!

  9. retroWOW

    retroWOW Lurker

    Hey, great work. But I'm using the Asus nexus tablet. I can get as far as loading ROM then it needs the run part but I have no means of running the game, any suggestions?

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