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Cracked screen/broken LCD - Accessing calendar

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by slinkymedia, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. slinkymedia

    slinkymedia Lurker
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    Hi all

    Hoping for some help.

    I dropped my Galaxy note this morning, smashing the screen, it's now just black but the device seems to be working just fine, boots up, notifications coming through, calls are ringing out etc...

    I will either get the screen repaired or buy a new device, but in the meantime, I desperately need access to this week's appointments in my calendar.

    I have always synced with google calendar, but when I've come to actually use it(!!) it appears my appointments stopped syncing some weeks ago. All older appointments and ones for later this year that I booked a while ago are there.

    I've plugged the phone into my laptop and have access to both the phone folder and the sdcard....

    Where can I go from here to get my calendar data?

    I believe the data is stored in an SQLite database? Does anybody know the location of this?

    Many thanks in advance for you help.

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