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Cracked Screen Motomaker X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KHeeney5, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. KHeeney5

    KHeeney5 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well... Got my phone on Monday. 32gb black/black/silver option from Moto Maker. Installed the Verizon tempered glass immediately out of the box. First of all, the edges didn't even sit properly and it only covered the screen, not the whole front.

    Went ahead and ordered a non glass one off amazon that covered the whole front for the time being.

    Was very sure to be careful for a few days. Had a bumper case come on Tuesday. I was out of town this weekend and decided I didn't need the case as it would be in my pocket most of the time.

    Saturday comes and it falls about 2 feet out of my lap on concrete. Hits the top left corner before falling on the face. Upon first inspection there was a small mark on the trim. Then noticed the screen protector was cracked on the top right. Then noticed the glass of the phone is shattered on the bottom left corner. It isn't bad but enough to bug you on a brand new phone.

    Long story... It was a huge PITA trying to get a replacement.

    Asurion showed I had the 16gb white. I explained through multiple phone calls that mine was the 32 GB through moto maker. Verizon said they cannot help. Asurion says they only do the base model, so 16gb and I at least wanted black. Next thing I know they're trying to give me the black old moto x. Just as I'm about to give up and ask for the black 16gb new gen, the lady sees in a note from one of my previous calls that I had the customized one. Took talking to 4 people to get that figured out.

    She says I need to speak to someone in the advanced department. She transfers me, get disconnected half way through the account look up. Call again. Get back to where I need to go. 20 minutes later I have a replacement 32 GB Moto maker with the same options on the way. So I think.

    I think they basically ordered the new customized one straight from Motorola for me.

    They gave me the order number for Motorola and although I'm unable to look it up online, (says my order number does not match the billing zip) I called Moto and they said it is going through. Asurion never sent me a confirmation of my claim either.

    Hopefully the right item is being shipped. Sounds like it is now. Estimated delivery is Oct 29, and my prepaid envelope that I have 15 days to return this broken one comes they said on the 15th... Hopefully Motorolla's orders aren't taking as long as they estimate. Anyone know?

    I had the full front non glass screen protector come in the mail while I was gone...Went ahead and ordered the otter box today as well. This next one will not be breaking.

    What's the deal with all the tempered glass for this phone not sitting well on the edges?

    Will my non glass screen protector and otter box suffice on the new one?

    Or is there a good glass one for this phone that applies perfectly?

    Had no problems with my m8, dropped it a hundred times, thing was a tank.

    The one from Verizon sucked. Hoping the correct replacement comes soon. I also hope to hear something in an email from moto or asurion about my claim or order.

    It has been a quite frustrating process, seems like there isn't anyone who works for either company that knows what is going on.

    Just sharing my experience and hoping to get some feedback about the screen protectors and order time.

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  2. shalemail

    shalemail Android Expert

    Maybe it's just me but I am super confused by most of your story. So instead of trying to cover all that ground I will tell you this. I currently have the 1st gen Moto X and have had it since it was first offered on Motomaker over a year ago. Before that I had the Atrix HD my wife had the Atrix 2 and before that I had the Atrix 4G. All of those phones, (and my wife's new phone the HTC one - not the M8 the original) have never had a screen protector of any sort, neither a peel and stick nor a ?tempered glass? and the only cases we have used are the rubberish TPU slim cases.
    Like this - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CXLY9KG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    In all that time (4 or 5 years) we have never had a broken screen. I know it sounds incredible but it's true. (I have been renovating my house for the last year and I had it sitting in the rafters of my basement ceiling and it fell - maybe 8 feet or more - to the cement floor below ... not a scratch.) These cases wrap around the front of the phone and protect it even when it lands flat on it's face. I am certain in extreme cases you could still break it and if you tried to break it I am sure you could. I am only pointing out it seems you are going to extreme lengths to protect the phone when it sounds like the only time you broke it was when you had it out of a case. I use these cases because they are slim, comfy and pocketable, and I only remove my phone from it weekly to clean it and remove pocket lint dust and what not.

    Moral of the story, get a case you like, keep it in there (ALL THE TIME) and relax, they really are tough to break if you don't use them as a hockey puck.


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