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cracked screen - nexus s

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by agvarun, May 17, 2011.

  1. agvarun

    agvarun Lurker
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    I managed to break the screen of my nexus s :-( .. I had bought the phone in the US but am using it in India .. apparently the model no. launched in India is 9023 as opposed to the US one 9020. And the models have different screen sizes, so Samsung India is asking for an exhorbitant amount to get the US screen ..

    I was wondering if I can buy the screen separately, get it shipped from the US and attach it myself? Anyone know of any website where I can find genuine parts .. I tried samsungparts.com but they don't have the phone model no. itself...


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  2. B2L

    B2L Android Expert

    Here's one

    Samsung Google Nexus S LCD + Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

    Also they sell quite a bit on Ebay which might be a good place to look around. Here is one that will ship internationally. The only bad news is you are looking at $150 - $250 for an OEM replacement.

    [​IMG]OEM Assembly LCD Touch Digitizer Samsung Nexus S I9020 | eBay

    I'm sorry to hear that you cracked yours. I'm not sure but if it was just the glass i think you can replace that for much cheaper. I'm not sure what it's like in India but here in the US we have stores that will replace cracked screens.
  3. sridiculous

    sridiculous Lurker


    I am also in the exact same boat, in India and managed to crack the Nexus S screen, purchased the phone from US. The phone is working fine though, but the screen is shattered. Any luck getting it fixed? Please let me know your findings so far, mine cracked just today.
  4. crosslink

    crosslink Lurker

    I couldn't help but notice screens (digitizer + LED) for the Nexus s are something like $130 while they run more like $30 for the Nexus One.

    Is this because of the relative newness of the Nexus S or something like the curved shape?

    I cracked my Nexus S after only a couple months and am somewhat dismayed by the high cost of the replacement part.

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