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Craiglist Checker: Curb alert - this app!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iOverpriced, Jun 10, 2010.

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    I think it's safe to say "everyone" uses craigslist. We all have the occasional lonely night when we need to find someone willing to put on a Nixon mask and come over to shave our legs while we watch I Love Lucy.
    I know I do.

    I've been using a couple craigslist apps for a few months now. This is the one I started with, and is still installed on my phone. After actually writing out all my frustrations however, it may not see the light of the LCD screen tomorrow.

    To jump right in, I really don't like the app hiding my status bar at the top. There's no way to make it visible again aside from hitting your home button. I'll be posting away and hear I have a text message, with no way to quickly pull it up.

    The search is pretty straight forward. Saving any search will make it visible in the "saved searches" tab at the top (second from the right)


    One annoying bug, is after pressing search, the onscreen keyboard pops up for no reason. It wasn't opened when I searched, so why come up now?


    On a positive note, it was a nice surprise to find pinch-to-zoom support with text wrapping. This was present in the app quite a while back, when having it included in a browser was a big deal.

    The second tab at the top gives you the option to make a posting, so long as you have a verified craigslist account. At first, it's not apparent how exactly to begin. The screen is completely white until you hit the menu button. It would have been nice to just have the "new posting" button be onscreen by default. After all, that's why you're here. After making a post, I thought it would somehow sync up with my account and list my posts here. Not the case, this section always remains blank and just has an unfinished feel.


    Now we're in for a bit of a nightmare. The posting menu seems to list every city on Earth, as well as three of Jupiter's moons (lie). Why the developer chose to have you select a region again, instead of going with your default search area, is beyond me. Even letting you pick state, then sub-region, would have been much better than this. What's even more frustrating, is that in some cases, you need to figure out whether it wants you to pick your state, or city. Not all of the cities are followed by their state abbreviations either.


    Once you get through that, it's the normal craigslist posting process for the most part. I did suddenly lose the ability to zoom either through touch or magnifying glass buttons. This caused a bit of a headache when it asked me to complete their "challenge" (maybe this is part of the challenge).


    There is also a bug where switching from portrait to landscape can bring you back to a point near the beginning of the posting process. It's as if it saves your progress separately between views. Luckily I had already finished posting in portrait mode, or I'm not sure what kind of time traveling paradox I would have wandered into.

    Post confirmed:


    Ready for another quirk? You'll see in the options menu, you can set alerts for any searches you've saved. You'll also notice mine is set to check for those every four minutes.


    "Why on earth would you do that, you idiot?" you ask.
    Well because in the check frequency screen, it said "hours". I figured one check every four hours would be fine. For some reason the app lists minutes however. If you want two hours, pick 120(minutes).


    I actually had no idea I had it set this frequently, and fixing it will likely give me much better battery life.

    What's wrong with it?
    Yikes. I feel a little bad trashing anyone's work, but this app is pretty frustrating for how basic it should be. The "about" screen does say it's a work in progress, but I've been using it since perhaps December or January at the latest. There is just a point where all the little bugs add up to a big fat uninstall.

    Craigslist Checker
    -Notification of new items in saved searches
    -Sort-of lets you make new postings

    -App hides Android status bar
    -Inconsistent zooming
    -Numerous UI bugs/glitches
    -Some confusing navigation and phrasing


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