crappy games by free4android



I had some free time so i made a litte video about some very bad
games (I think they are just ports of older games) by "free4android".
There a lots of them available on the android market.
Some of these games have so badly placed banners, you can't even play them. So, if you want to check out some very bad games, here you go:

YouTube - ‪Crappy games for Android Smartphones‬‎

Desire D

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Me4Android does exactly the same thing. You'd think they would get disheartened by all the one star reviews ... but obviously not :(


I flag every one I see when i randomly look for games and write how they sometimes place ads to trick people to click them. Maybe after the 100,000th someone will take some action... or they will find a way to kick me off market lol :)


I think this free4android is a criminal. some of their ported games are made by other game developers. my impression is that they were not even informed that their game was ported to android...


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gamehome is another developer that everyone should avoid. Someone should ask the mods if we could make a thread with a blacklist of developers like these.


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Fairly obvious case of a fraudulent developer.

Several of the games are obvious ripoffs of JavaME games or clear copyright violations - e.g., I am 100% sure that the developer has no permission to use Games Workshop material in his games (cf., Space Hulk). Or Warlords Castles, for that matter. me4android seems to be the same developer under a different name.

The games all use WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_SETTINGS. It's a pity that the permission system in Android is so poorly explained, but that last one is something you definitely do NOT want to give to apps.

Unfortunately, this is what you inevitably get with a non-regulated market. Unless Google begins to implement some quality control (not going to happen) or we get some better filtering functionality, this kind of stuff will continue to dominate. Of course, even with filtering, we probably won't get completely rid of this since these type of developers will just pop up under a new name.