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Crashing X10

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by rama, May 8, 2010.

  1. rama

    rama New Member
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    Apr 22, 2010
    Hi guys.

    I recently got xperia x10 with o2 and it's been great until now. I have installed WallPaper Rotator (amongst many other apps) and deactivated it. I later installed Qiss Home which seemed to be working nearly perfectly.

    I reactivated WallPaper Rotator and all seemed fine but the first time it changed images I recieved a message saying that Quiss Home had crashed and needed to be force closed. 3 or 4 seconds after tapping "force close" the same error message appeared. Tapping "force close" again only gave another 3 or 4 seconds before the same error message would appear. The phone was responsive during those few seconds but the "home" (central) button would not bring up the home options menu as before and there was not enough time to get to the WallPaper Rotator app to close/deactivate/uninstall it.

    I switched the phone off and on again but now, when booting it only reaches the "Activating phone" message and then reboots. Pressing or holding down the power button does not give me the power off options or power down the phone. The cycle just continues till it eventually freezes (always on the "Activating phone" message). The only way to switch the phone off is to remove the battery.

    Holding the "Menu" (left) button during boot up puts the device in safe mode (says "safe mode" in bottom left corner) but still reboots on reaching "Activating phone" message, leaving me in the same loop.

    Can anyone help??




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