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Creaking Noise

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by parkschr, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. parkschr

    parkschr Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have been reading that the rezound has some issues with creaking coming from the back while holding the phone. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    I plan to upgrade soon and am looking for the best android phone from verizon.

    Are there any other issues you guys are having that I might want to investigate more?


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  2. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Android Enthusiast

    No creaking at all on the Rezound I have. Where did you read this?
  3. olbriar


    My Rz has a very sound build. No wiggles or creaks and groans.
  4. nynvolt

    nynvolt Android Enthusiast

    Mine has no such issue, the phone feels well crafted but I have to admit I was shocked at how flimsy the back cover appears while off but it has not been an issue yet.
  5. jayochs

    jayochs Android Enthusiast

    my left side creaks. the right side does only a bit. it's from taking the battery over off a lot. It started after i was taking it inand off one day when I had that issue where it was bootlooping. kind of annoying, but the case doesn't make it creak as much. if you push in on it that's when it creaks.. it's the sound of the plastic of the back cover rubbing against the plastic of the phone.
  6. nynvolt

    nynvolt Android Enthusiast

    I can see that happening, the cover seems flimsy. I was afraid I'd break it both times I've had it off.
  7. Eric2

    Eric2 Well-Known Member

    Same here. Left side creaks a tad, although cover has only been off once.

    Not a big deal. Phone seems very solid, to me.
  8. clemarr

    clemarr Newbie

    Mine creaks pretty bad. Also on the left side right in the middle were my thumb is. Some times the person on the other end of the conversion can hear it also. When i have my case on then you don't here it. HTC is sending me another cover and I hope it will fix it but I am not sure it will because it does it with the original cover and the extended battery cover. What I have tried and it helps reduce it is I folded a piece of paper a couple of times and placed it on top of the battery and it made the cover snap on tighter. You shouldn't have to do that. Now I am back to having my case back on so I don't have to listen to it.
  9. nynvolt

    nynvolt Android Enthusiast

    Good idea about the paper but you're right, shouldn't have to do that.
  10. clemarr

    clemarr Newbie

    I remember people were doing that on the OG droid to try and keep the back cover from coming off. That back cover was a poor design and people were losing there covers left and right. There for a while it was so bad Verizon was giving covers out for free. When I get my new cover that HTC is sending me and it still creaks that makes me believe it has something to do with the part the back cover snaps to. If that's the case the only thing I guess a person can do is to exchange it for a referb. I will keep the case on before I do that.
  11. zazan

    zazan Android Enthusiast

    My phone has absolutely no similar noise. I tried to make it happen but to no avail.
  12. clemarr

    clemarr Newbie

    My first one did not have it either but I had to exchange it because it was over heating. When I got the 2nd one they took off the case I had on it and put it on the new one so I didn't notice it until a week or so later when I removed my case from it.
  13. andr01d

    andr01d Android Enthusiast

    Mine is 100% quiet too.

    Where can i download that creaking noise ringtone?? :D

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