Help Create folders


How to create folders in the dell streak 5. On other phones, if you touch the screen for a few seconds it brings up a menu to create a folder. I wasn't able to do that with the Streak 5. Any ideas
Touch the Menu button (middle) - go to "Add" then click "Folders" - it's located under "Stage Widgets" and is above "Wallpapers".

You'll need to be on a Home screen that has room left, otherwise the "Add" feature won't be available.
Hi Merchant -
That means you need to get to a Home screen that has more space. OR you can try temporarily moving the existing icons down towards the bottom of the Home Screen.

Try using a blank Home Screen first to see if the "Add" Button becomes enabled.


I'm still unable to create a new folder. I've follow the step till "New Folder" appear in the list of select folder. When I click the New folder, then everything disappear. I can't find the icon on the screen. Pls help.