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Creating folders

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kellyseye, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. kellyseye

    kellyseye Lurker
    Thread Starter


    new member and grateful for tapping into the knowledge of the membership. I hope to be able to contribute myself in the fullness of time!

    Anywho.... I'm trying to create a basic folder to appear on the screen such that I can drag/drop apps into it such as a 'games' folder to contain errrr.. games.

    Obviously I can drag/drop one game onto another but this leaves me with a folder with a name that's not 'games' but that of the original app - which I cannot change.

    What's the procedure for creating a 'blank' folder, assigning it an icon (maybe) and using it for proper file management?

    I have the appropriate file explorer program(s) but find the Android file structure to be a bit confusing (and then some :D) so maybe some general pointers to what's where and where to stay away from????

    Thanks in advance :ciao:

  2. efjaydee

    efjaydee Newbie

    OK. If I understand you correctly, you want to add some apps (games) together in a 'folder' on the main launcher screen/desktop. That's the only location you can do it in anyway. You do not need an Android file explorer for that.

    So, you find the app in your 'apps', tap and hold to transfer it to the main launcher screen/desktop. It creates basically a shortcut to that app. You then repeat, dragging another app onto the launcher/desktop and drop ON the first app you copied.

    You will now have Android's version of a 'folder' - it will appear as a circle with icons of the apps you dragged inside it. You can repeat this and keep adding stuff as needed.

    If you tap on it, a window will appear showing these apps. It will probably say something like 'Unnamed Folder' underneath - tap on THAT name. You can then rename that folder to whatever you like, i.e. Games.

    When you tap somewhere else on the screen that window will close again, but you will see the folder name, i.e. Games underneath.

    I've just tested it again myself to make sure the above procedure works, contact me if you get stuck. ;-)
  3. kellyseye

    kellyseye Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the input.

    I've managed to do the normal 'press'n'drag' to take various apps into a collective folder but would still like to be able to create a folder that is 'blank' i.e. starts without any application actually in it. Whilst the folders tha are created in the normal fashion are ok I want a folder that doesn't have a specific app at the 'front' - if you get my drift.

    Comparatively this would be an empty folder icon in Wiindows.

    Maybe stripping an exisiting app of it's contents other than the image that creates the program icon (and editing that icon)?

    Yeah, I'm being picky about what I want to do but it's all a learning curve for me.

    Thanks again.
  4. efjaydee

    efjaydee Newbie

    Well, you can rearrange the icons in the folder so you can choose which is in front.

    But the windows approach does not apply to Android. Folders as you understand them do not exist. These are more like groups of Apps, similar to how Program Manager did it in Windows 3.1 - if that comparison helps.

    You could make build zero function apps with custom icons, but that would be futile and very inefficient. You would end up tons of nonfunctional apps in your 'Apps' list.

    As I say, it probably doesn't help to think of these groups of apps as folders per se. You cannot create an empty folder because an empty group of apps has no meaning.
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