creating mp3 player with tab 2

Gotta Samsung GalaxyTab 2 that I'd like to use as an mp3 player. Have an existing 8gb Sony player. Great but limited file storage. The other day I format my 32gb sd card on the Tab 2 (am basically going to use it as this mp3 player, little else) and thru my PC I take about 4000 songs and load them onto this card in the tab 2, about 20gb. Using Music Player...or Play Music (stock app that came with Tab 2) I begin this playing process. Worked thru the volume thing ez enough but would like to have something more organized or whatever to play these tunes. Example: I could choose the artist-then a list of albums from that artist-then the song or album or all from that artist. So if I have just a few songs from each of 5 albums that I d'loaded of a band...I only get that album as choice, then have to choose the next album. Want to choose ALL from that band and let it rip. S'pose I'm just looking for an app that will give me more options than the stock that came with the Tab 2.
BTW, if you haven't noticed I'm new to the smartphone/tablet world.

Thanks for your input.