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Creating winamp playlists

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by enchant1, Mar 21, 2016.

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    I've got winamp on my Galaxy S3, and I'd like to know the best way to create playlists, given my situation. I do NOT have iTunes or Winamp set up on my PC. I DO have a large library of mp3 files on my PC and several directories of them uploaded to my phone.

    The basic instructions I see for creating a playlist tell you to pick a song from your entire list of files and add it to the playlist. This seems absurd to me, as the list is over a thousand long on my phone. This would take absolutely forever. I also see instructions to "sync" your music with your PC. This is useless to me, as I don't have enough space on my phone for all the music on my PC, nor would I want it there.

    I've already got mp3 files separated into playlist directories on my phone. All I want to do is to tell Winamp to create a playlist that includes all the songs in this directory.

    Is this possible?

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    Option 1:
    If you'd like to make a playlist on your phone that will play a folder full of songs on your phone, then you can use the free app "Playlist Designer". It can also make playlists from one or more folders (and/or genres and/or artists). I used to use it on my old Android 2.3 phone. It worked well and it's intuitive.

    Option 2:
    If each of your folders is essentially a playlist, then there are many music player apps that can play folders, therefore you wouldn't actually need to create playlists for each of those folders. (E.g. The free app, "MediaMonkey", or the built-in "Music" player app on my Galaxy S5 can play folders.)

    Option 3 (maybe):
    It's not clear to me how you store and manage your music and playlists. I do this on my PC with Windows Media Player because it's easy to manage the library, edit tags, search for songs, arrange the playlist song order, etc. I'll admit that I don't need all of my 30GB of music to exist on my phone but since 64GB micro-SD cards are only $17, and since it makes life so easy, I also keep a copy of my entire PC music collection on the SD card of my Galaxy S5 using the same folder hierarchy (within the Music folders of the PC & phone). I copy my Windows Media Player playlists (as WPL or M3U files) into the "Playlist" folder on the SD-card of my phone. My S5 (or maybe its Android 5.0 OS?) automatically translates those PC-based playlists into Android playlists--even though the file path-names differ. E.g.:
    C:\Users\JohnDoe\Music\Beatles\Revolver\Taxman.mp3 automatically translates to
    Practically any PC or Mac media player can export an M3U playlist file that you could copy into the "Playlist" folder of your phone. If your phone doesn't automatically translate the path-names, you can use the free app Playlist Backup to do that translation. If that's of interest, instructions for importing a playlist are HERE.

    Option 4:
    My old Android 2.3 phone didn't automatically translate PC-based playlists and didn't have a massive SD-card, so I used the free program MediaMonkey for Windows (MMW) on my PC in conjunction with the free MediaMonkey for Android (MMA) on my phone to sync a subset of my music and all of my playlists from my PC to my phone (via USB or WiFi). It can sync bidirectionally or one-way in either direction. When MMW syncs a playlist to MMA it does so as a list (not as a folder full of songs) and it translates the path-names. (However, if you prefer, MMW can "export" a playlist as a folder full of songs to your phone.)

    MMW can also import playlists from other media player apps, like Windows Media Player. So I actually managed my music & playlists in Windows Media Player, imported the playlists into MMW, and then synced the playlists to MMA. (Now I just do Option 3 above.)
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    Thanks for that excellent and extensive reply! I think that options 1 or 2 should handle my needs I've been using Winamp since Tchaikovsky dropped his final album, and I tend to be a loyalist, but I should probably look into one of those other apps that play individual folders.

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