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$$$ credits/discounts/freebies/swag for wait time?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GonzoAnthro, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. GonzoAnthro

    Thread Starter

    While on the phone with CS today, I asked for and received a (crummy) $20 credit toward Dinc because of wait time. The dude suggested that I hassle the store I bought in too, because since I ordered there they would be in the position to offer more.

    This set me to wondering, what kinds of credits/discounts/freebies/swag are folks getting from VZW as a result of being the squeaky wheel when it comes to expressing dissatisfaction over the lengthy wait time for backordered Dincs?

  2. Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus Well-Known Member

    I haven't had the 'pleasure' of falling victim to wait times and oher inconveniences w/ VZW yet as I've only been here a month now. But when I was with ATT, I used to get all kinds of freebies and credits, off bill and equipment.

    Here's what works for me....

    Rule #1- No matter what the issue is/was, as the rep is closing the call and asks you if there's anything else they can do for you- ALWAYS ask if there are any adjustments/discounts/free stuff you're eligible for. I always jokingly say 'sure, give me free phone service'... they'd laugh and then check my account out. I've gotten lots of one-off discounts that are a certain $$ amount, or a certain % of the bill. In one month I talked my bill to HALF the normal bill, just by asking a couple of people, and pointing to a couple of inconveniences I had experienced. They have it at the ready.

    Rule #2- Use what you got to get what you want-- If you pay a high bill monthly (multiple lines maybe), use that as leverage- they don't want to risk losing you. And if you've been with the carrier a long time (I was with ATT 6 years), throw your tenure around. I would drop my 6 year tenure and $200+/mo bill (multi lines) several times in a heated conversation, dangling my 'customership' (<--- :)) as a carrot for them.

    Rule #3- Retention department can get it done. Everybody's got one nowadays. Talk to them. Of course, this works best when you JUST joined, or after you've been there a while. Word it to say... "I don't WANT to leave but you're leaving me no choice because of ________________", and don't be afraid to tell them what you want. Also research stuff on other carriers so you can throw that out there as well. Make it sound like the next carrier's deal is better than what you're getting, even if you'd never dream of actually changing. Retention can't do EVERYthing, but they can do waayyy more than front-line service.

    One quick ATT story, and then I'm done.... When I was leaving ATT to come over to VZW, I had an ETF of I believe $115, but was at upgrade point. I didn't want to pay my ETF out of pocket, so I renewed my contract then broke it. I only did that because I got them to give me a brand new BB Curve 8520 for $25, which I was able to sell on Craigslist for $225. When I renewed, my ETF went from $115 to $175, but the selling the phone paid the ETF, and I netted an extra $25 out the deal. And there were no additional charges afterwards. Took a couple of phone calls afterwards, but it went down. Don't know if that one works universally, but it worked for me.

    Just ASK and get creative. These companies are making loot hand over fist. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want- they'll give it to you because they know ppl will jump ship in a second.

    ^^^^ Wow that turned out to be looong. My bad. :)
  3. patkicks10

    patkicks10 Well-Known Member

    I'm really surprised they are back ordered... my cousin ordered one on a wimb a week ago? and it's been at his house for a couple days... (he's in afghan)he didn't think it would come so fast or he would have just sent it over seas :p
  4. seVer

    seVer Android Expert

    yeah, good luck with getting an "incovenience" credit for something outside of VZW control. Sounds like you just got someone who either didn't care, or just wanted to get you off of their line.

    If I were the rep you reached, I would have apologized and said that we cannot control that, and since you (probably) have a phone that's working, you are receiving the service you are paying for. then again, I'm not in that position....
  5. Homan13PSU

    Homan13PSU Android Enthusiast

    I ended up getting my Inc for $88. Paid Verizon $188, and got the $100 rebate with the phone. That's the lowest I've heard of them going for.
  6. frmovrfnctn

    frmovrfnctn Member

    I called into customer service because i had been chargerd overages on texting, minutes, and data during the one day transition from old phone/plan to the Inc and new plan. Apparently I was supposed to be told at the VZW store "you have x minutes/txts/kB while your plan chages, anything else you are chargerd for." I was only looking to get a credit for the $7 something charges but ended up getting credit for a whole month service!
  7. jiggaDROID

    jiggaDROID Well-Known Member

    Last night I actually went to a store to return the VZW holster/case combo because it was the last day of the 30 days policy and I had ordered the Innocase. I ended up being number 16 in line at 8:00 at night (if you don't know what that translates to, about an hr and a half wait). I asked to talk to the manager, told him I had my receipt, box, and everything and asked if they could just do it really quick, takes 30 seconds. When he gave me some lip, I got his card, called CS while I was sitting in the store. Long story short, they credited my account for the price I bought the phone for and said if I really wanted to I could still wait to return my case (didn't do that, was still number 10 after 40 minutes). Also put in a suggestion that stores have a designated "returns/exchanges" line for simple accessory transactions because they really don't take more than 2 minutes. Also investigating the POS manager who was a complete douche and essentially useless.
  8. GonzoAnthro

    Thread Starter

    All well & good if I actually had the device - as did many, I paid up front and had to turn in old device as part of upgrade as required and it is backordered for 2+ weeks.

    I'm glad you are not a vzw rep
  9. seVer

    seVer Android Expert

    you are never required to turn in a phone for ANY reason. The ONLY thing I can think of is if you went to an indirect location (read: not verizon corporate) - they may require you to turn in the old phone. I know with VZW orders, you have the option of turning in your phone to the Hopeline Program, as a donation to help domestic violence programs.
  10. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Android Expert

    Nor sure this counts, but when I finally got my replacement Inc. They let me keep the charger, SD card and battery that came with the original. Not earth shattering, but convenient. I'm happy!!
  11. GonzoAnthro

    Thread Starter

    No, it was an early upgrade from a Storm I to a Storm II which I then traded back to them for a Dinc on backorder on the last day of my 30-day grace period. I picked up one of those $9.99 pre-paid phones that drug dealers and terrorists use, figuring that was better than what they offered: buy another device for the backorder period, activate, then when Dinc comes in do a return and transfer of my number to the Dinc.

    This was a corporate store, too. And get this - when I first went in to get the Dinc two days before that, some ditz saleswoman told me that I didn't need to pay for a backorder because they would be getting them in the store in a day. I went back and told this to a sales rep who said, "who told you that?" I pointed to the ditz and said "Employee of the Month over there." That's when this sales guy started me on the swap the Storm for the backordered Dinc nonsense, so I was fed up by then and didn't know what was what so just went along with it. So I'm a ditz now.

    In the meantime, its nice to know that if I am ever getting chased by the cops and have incriminating evidence on my prepaid temporary phone, I can just chuck my drug dealer phone out the car winowr like the bad guys do on Law & Order. :cool:
  12. GonzoAnthro

    Thread Starter

    BOO-YAH! - Thanks to the advice of Mr. Marcus earlier in this thread, I called vzw customer service and played my Verizon-bundled-service card (DirectTV, 2 wireless lines, landline and internet all on one bill with Verizon) and this is what I got:

    In addition to the $20 off I got yesterday with a call to customer support, I today got this month's data (29.99) taken off, a one-month charge for my wife's line (9.99), and next month's data (29.99) for a GRAND TOTAL OF:

    $90 off my Verizon bill!

    Now I am headed off to the Verizon wireless store that sold me the Dinc (after sending me home with my $$$ 2 days prior with a promise that the phone would be in-store in two days so no need to backorder it then) to see if I can get more off.

    My goal: credits equal to the cost of the Dinc ($199).

    Yes, I am a slippery dude, and yes I get paid for it.:D:D:D:D:D
  13. seVer

    seVer Android Expert

    oooooh, so you bought the S2, then returned it to get the DInc. Hmm... so how about that S1? You weren't required to turn that in, I suppose. So, by all rights, you should still have a phone that works on the service you're paying for. And if not, then what happened to that phone?

    Actually, dont bother replying. Your 2 threads on this same topic are nothing but poison and I'm done reading and/or responding to them.
  14. Taylored

    Taylored Android Enthusiast

    I have not had any $ credits directly related to the Dinc, but VZW will generally give you a handful of free minutes if you ask for them. I have received 650 in total.
  15. GonzoAnthro

    Thread Starter

    You are such a turd. The S1 was sold on eBay for $265, and why do you feel as though you have to reply to me anyway?

  16. chrisg901

    chrisg901 Lurker

    ok i ordered mine may 17 suppose to ship by june 1st didn't so i am like call csr they say let me get supervisor he says i just looked it will ship in 24 hrs i guarantee it ok 24 hrs no phone shipped i am like oh well they won't do anything....

    so later i get a call on my cell it say verizon wireless man says we have issues with your account can another person call you back from verizon and speak with you i am like ok i hang up...

    bam phone rings i am like ok unknown number oh well maybe verizon its a woman named Christine Berberich she is saying we are very sorry for your backorder on your dinc and one of are rep managers said it would be shipped today so i am going to help you out seeing how you been here 10 yrs i am like ok by doing what she says we are crediting you a months service on all your lines i am like thats 450 or so dollars she said its been done ok she says would you like a phone for your wife i am like yes but have no other lines ava for upgrade hers isn't ava till like 2011 she says what phone besides dinc would she like i say moto droid ok she says we will upgrade her line and credit the 199 plus tax for the phone i am like this is a joke right nope now she says i have canceled your order on your dinc and reordered it through me expedited will be shipped in 30 minutes i am like ok she says anything else we can do i say be real she says i am so i hang up 30 mins later got shipping notification on both phones be here on june 7 wow now that was cool
  17. Chango99

    Chango99 Well-Known Member

    Jesus christ did you never take english? There was not even an attempt in there to make it sound coherent.
  18. Darbley77

    Darbley77 Well-Known Member

    +1 :d
  19. kpantz

    kpantz Well-Known Member

    Yet it was such a feel-good story that I persevered. :)

  20. chrondon619

    chrondon619 Lurker

    I always try to get the most i can out of them just like they get from me. Never go to the stores. Always call them. I am waiting for my Dinc replacement. I have been told three different times I will receive it in three different dates. I am waiting for the rep to call me back(she called me back to tell me she was still working on the problem) regarding credits or being able to return the phone after the thirty days, because I was supposed to receive a working device within the thirty days. Still waiting... I love throwing my tenure around and the fact that I pay my bill on time all the time. Sometimes you need to try a few different reps before the right one comes through. Always be nice. If all else fails login to your VZW account and send them mail explaining your situation that was not resolved with customer reps and let them know how they pride themselves on customer service. I did this and received like $60 in credit. It was the easiest way. I was just so frustrated with the many reps I spoke to and nobody budged with a credit. The email worked like a charm, the next day I received an apologetic email issuing me twice the credit I excepted. Be persistent and be prepared when you speak to them. Work their system, They always work us.:cool:
    Great Thread:p

    Letter and Response.
    My email:
    I am very unhappy with the false promises from Verizon customer representatives. I changed my plan to an unlimited one, but later I understood that there was no access discount. They issued me a credit and said the next month would be fine. That was not the case, i was issued another credit. i spoke to at least three more reps after this, and was told that they would revert my plan and contact me when it is reverted. I was never contacted. And today after about four more representatives I was misinformed and told i was issued a credit in error. Another rep told me I was issued the credit as a courtesy. It seems like there is no conformity between representatives as one supervisor(Don-Olympia-315478) told me "my agents" would not do that. I am upset that you pride yourselves on customer service. I have been given the run around through many cities and many representatives, some good and some completely unprofessional. I have been lied to and told things to be made happy by some representatives. I was never contacted back. I am an excellent customer who has never been delinquent on a payment. I would like to be credited the past few months of the new plan I was on because I was misinformed about the access discount and never fully took advantage of the plan. If that is not possible i would to cancel my account and never return. I would appreciate if there is actually someone who can help me. I really hate explaining my situation over and over and over and over again. Thank You

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. My name is Kori and I am glad I have the opportunity to assist you today.

    I sincerely apologize for the incorrect information you received regarding the availability of your discount with the unlimited calling plan and for the poor customer service you received. Clearly this experience doesn
  21. mmisterio

    mmisterio Well-Known Member

    When my 2nd Inc was backordered until the end of May instead of the 2 day shipping promised to me by another rep, I was given a free month of service on my primary line :p

    I basically told them I was going to cancel the order and just get the Iphone
  22. 5150Marley

    5150Marley Well-Known Member

    They just offered me.."a $25 credit towards an accessory of your choice".

    FINAL UPDATE........after 2 emails with Verizon

    another $50 (vs initial $25 offered) will be credited to my account after activation
    (to use for accessories)

    They also said I WONT BE GETTING a memory card free with my order, as I was promised WTF??

    Verizons B.S. reply...

    "Orders for the HTC Droid Incredible placed on or after May 26 will ship with a pre-installed 2 GB microSD memory card. This does not include phones that were ordered before May 26 but shipped later."

    Well its better than nothing.... it basically means I paid tax for my Incredible. (51.66 final cost)

    Now all I want is an email saying that they shipped it!!!
  23. Ha +1 that is terrible, personally if i was unable to make coherent sentences i would not even worry about calling or posting to these forums. Maybe that is why they got your order screwed up your english was so bad that they could not understand you.
  24. Randino

    Randino Android Enthusiast

    Be careful with this if too many people figure out how to get over on Verizon, they will wise up to it. I was on another forum for Directv and we had figured out how to get receivers and programming, just call the direct line for the retention department and threaten to switch to Dish. Directv got wise to this ploy and started terminating service the day that you threatened. They keep notes on who's called how many times so be careful.
  25. BringTheRain403

    BringTheRain403 Android Enthusiast

    FCS with the DINC you should tell them you want an extended battery! This thing is friggin ridiculous! I'm charging this thing at least twice a day!

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