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Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by phandroid, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Cricket’s finally announced pricing and availability for their newest Android phone – the Sanyo Zio by Kyocera – and has opened up the floodgates for pre-ordering. If you enjoy Cricket’s low-cost, easy-on-the-wallet service, this phone’s price might make you just as happy: it’ll only cost $249.99 off contract.Let’s be clear: you’re not getting a superphone [...]


  2. dreamer111

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    Hello guys.
    Did anyone try Zio on PagePlus yet? Does it work?

    I'm only interested in voice/texts, - don't care about the data. :)

    Let us know.
  3. wraith1

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    I have the zio, and EVERYTING works seemlessly on it, including text, and voice. My total price outt the door, w/ the first month, a protector guard and isuurance on it through cricket was around 354.00 I'm still figuring out this phone, and would say that's it came as a 2.1, as that's the info on the screen when i downloaded pdanet to tether it to my lap top which is 64 bit.... Of coursse i'm no tech. and this is all fairly new to me, but yet i find this fascinating to network with. I'm using my tether now, and pdanet to do this, outside of wi fi, and i have my wlan turned off at home so if anyone wants to pay only 55.00 a month, 64.00 with the phone insurance, and not spend time and money on an aircard, then this is the set-up 4 u. I'm just so pleased with the entire package that i could :cool: smile all day.

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