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Discussion in 'Cricket' started by XboxOmac, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. XboxOmac

    XboxOmac Member
    Thread Starter

    CricKet is turning out, at least by my experience, to one of the best network carriers out there. Especially for the so far, 2 Android phones out on release. $55 plan for Android phones. I say that's pretty cheap, especially for the unlimited everything, including unlimited data.

    Who agrees with me?

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  2. BadKarma68

    BadKarma68 Newbie

    I agree and here is why. I was using a BlackBerry Storm through Verizon. It was a hundred-ish bucks a month for a phone that was a disaster. The Storm had to have been RIM's idea of a sick joke.

    The 3G was sickening. Could have carried data faster by Pony Express. The phone was buggy, the display horrible and lack of apps depressing. I finally just gave up on smart phones and went to using a regular old cell phone with a really awful web setup. And of course no ability to use Wi-Fi.

    I was convinced to give smart phones one more try and Cricket was suggested. Cricket? The el-cheapo, terrible coverage Cricket of years ago? Well, its still cheap enough to try.

    About a week ago I walked in, got their Ascend Android phone, protective case, car charger and all that for a bit less than 2 months of service for the BB Storm.

    So far I have found the Cricket coverage to be excellent, web browsing and app downloading are pretty darn good with the phone itself, and even better when using my cable wi-fi. Phone has an excellent display, easy to use and an excellent way to try the Android without spending a lot of money to see if you like it.

    For now I think I have found a phone and service provider that I am content with.
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  3. la sal

    la sal Android Expert

    Can't beat their Android plan if you don't do a lot of traveling.
  4. la sal

    la sal Android Expert

    I was disappointed to learn that Cricket slows down your speeds after only using 1GB of data usage.
  5. preme777

    preme777 Newbie

    i had a blackberry on tmobile and had to go upstairs to text...and outside to talk...for about 110/month....i had it for about 2 months and had to get rid of them...cricket isnt the best...but they work better than some and almost as well as most carriers for a fraction of the cost....
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  6. la sal

    la sal Android Expert

    Do you have the Cricket Blackberry?
  7. preme777

    preme777 Newbie

    nope...i have the ascend...

    but right now im not liking how my phone slows down at the end of the month
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  8. la sal

    la sal Android Expert

    Are you able to connect to wifi at all? That helps keep the data usage down.

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