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Crime/nuisance reporting app wanted, or help developing one

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by LuckyCharm, Jul 7, 2013.

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    After our recent fireworks holiday, which is literally torment for many combat veterans and animals of all kinds, I had the idea to create an app that citizens could use on the spot to electronically relay a report to law enforcement. I envision an app that could grab the user's current location and allow them to pinpoint the exact location of the offense, categorize the offense (i.e. "fireworks," "graffiti," etc.), add any details needed, and send along with reporter's user info to be pinned automatically to some central map that dispatchers could access.

    There seems to be a similar app in existence for the iPhone called CrimePush, and I've found several Android versions, but they all seem to be location-specific. I need one for the Tacoma/Pierce County area of WA State. I also don't believe the existing app includes a mapping feature on the other end, which would help our lazy dispatchers determine report priority (multiple reports on a single location could receive higher priority).

    I believe that once developed, this app could be easily adapted for different locations and sold to law enforcement agencies around the country. It would cut down on non-emergency calls (911 should still be used for emergencies) and would facilitate citizen reporting of things like fireworks, graffiti, code violations, stray animals, etc. Instead of having to remember different phone numbers to contact for different types of problems, citizens would have one app, and the various report types would be used by the agencies responsible.

    Any takers? :)



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