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Root Crystal and Flame (testing) CM10 4.1.2 by Christian Troy.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bubbasd, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 28, 2012
    1stly -Novo Flame-
    Christian Troy has been kind enough to release a Fire Compatible CWM AND A Fire compatible CM10! Please note that this is still in testing. Flash at your own risk.

    Features (Ripped from Aurora II post)

    * UbiFS (like stock roms)

    * Bluetooth USB dongle support
    * USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
    * Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
    * PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
    * Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
    * OpenVPN support (tun)
    * Veno congestion control algorithm



    * Bump Android version to 4.1.2
    * Fixed (maybe) pops during sleep
    * Aurora-II: download new compatibility zip v2.0 (1.5 GHz enabled; built with linaro 4.7 and CFLAGS optimization
    * Crystal: added initial support
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources
    * Flame Download Compatibility Zip RC1


    Before flashing a fresh CM rom please wipe media partition with stock recovery then continue with below instructions

    1. Extract and Copy CWM- (Where XX is QM or TM) to external SD card

    2. Copy cm10_elf2_20121010.zip, gapps-jb-20121011-signed-ubifs.zip and fire_XX-cm10-compatibility-rc2.zip to the external SD card
    3. Reboot the tablet in CWM recovery mode (Power + Volume -)
    4. Select Wipe Data/Factory reset and confirm the format
    5. Choose Install zip from SD card and select choose zip from SD card and select cm10_elf2_20121010.zip first.
    6. Next select gapps-jb-20121011-signed-ubifs.zip
    7. Lastly select fire_XX-cm10-compatibility-rc1.zip (XX is QM or TM) (You can then apply any patches if available)
    8. Reboot the tablet


    Auto rotate is not fully functional.
    Stock Camera app keeps crashing. Cameras are broken.
    Possible minor instability. More testing is needed.

    This Source: here

    :Im only a elf2 user so i dont know anything about the Flame and others i saw this in this forum and thought to share around.


    CM10 ELF II 4.1.2 ROM
    by christian troy here
    Latest GAPPS
    for ELF II here

    Misc Compatibility zips
    (these piggyback off The cm10 elf 2 rom and get flashed last.)

    * Aurora-II v2.1
    * Crystal v1.1
    * Ramos W22 PRO v1.0 (This is not ainol but close)
    * Flame in here

    PS You can keep an eye on christian troys up-to-date's he post's here

    Note: this is one of my older topics see updated one here


  2. mks143

    mks143 New Member

    Dec 8, 2012
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  3. KenXM

    KenXM New Member

    Jan 31, 2013
    Installed CM10 latest version (2012-10-10) on crystal (early version Serial No 21008G04567)

    Cons: Battery indication wrong - Let crystal go to power out, recharged and used Battery Calibration App - works fine now.

    Pros: All apps work, external pen drive OK, External mouse OK (haven't tried external usb keyboard yet), Bluetooth dongle works.

    One question you note that a usb gps device is supported with PL2303 or CP210x. Have tried GPS dongle cannot get it to work can you help???
  4. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 28, 2012
    newest version is 2012-12-20 follow here

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