CSipsimple call quality problems


Hi all,
I've had native Nokia on E71 and E72 for many years very successfully in same area/office use. VOIP call on the nokia was very good both directions. Same service provider etc etc in identical location etc.
Have just purchased Samsung Galaxy2 and installed Csipsimple from net recommendations.ie:
Have tried expert mode and set suggestions from others to try and improve receiver call quality. eg: * Activate the ExpertSettingMode
* Go in media settings, and change
- The micro source to DEFAULT instead of VOICE_CALL
- The audio mode for sip calls to NORMAL instead of VOICE_COMMUNICATION

It appears CSIPSIMPLE has many options that may be able to improve my caller call quality. Call receivers cannot understand nor barely hear any of the caller voice.

When the 3g reception is very strong the problem is much less.
My nokia with native voip , however, never had this problem in the same reception/office area with the same service provider.
any assistance greatly appreciated.
. states based on 0.02.03.R944 in the help file for Csipsimple