Root CTMOD Appreciation Thread

Thank you, BloodDawn! Your continued development and dedication to this ROM has made me a proud owner of a Samsung Prevail! I appreciate all of your hard work. The re-release of 3.75 Final is a testament to your faith and good will.

My condolences also go out to Hroark, Koumajutsu, Romanbb, and of course lidroid! Your support towards this project made everything possible. Your contributions were all critical pieces to the puzzle. If we were to be missing any one of your accomplishments, CTMOD just wouldn't be the same.

Feel free to share your feelings towards the best ROM ever made!


Android Expert
I second that !!! :)

Great job Bloodawn ! And great, caring support as well..... ( of course not forgetting all the other contributor's to make this great ROM possible, like Hroark and Kouma and anyone else who helped !!!

I'll get some "2013-PayPal-Beer-Donation" out to you soon !! ;)


I must say, I've been modding android phones for some years now, and the help and support Bloodawn provides should be recognized, he doesnt abandon his supporters, he doesnt ask for money, nothing but compassion. Thank you for all your help, and work. And thank you to all the devs out there, or anyone who contributed.

Put me in for 5th