Android Enthusiast
May 1, 2011
So I may be buying this phone. I have been using the LG motion for sometime and its fast... will I notice much difference stepping down? What is the difference in the models, I'm looking at the unlocked phone. If I purchase this I will be working on some things for it as well as time allows.
Well i bought it anyway. Even rooting is a mess not even counting the bootloader on this 769. Im having major service issues although my area should have 4g and great 3g it wont even tey 3 shows full 4 but when you tey to use it switches to 2g or just g with no bars
I was asking if I would notice a difference, obviously the motion is much quicker. Didn't mean to suggest it was a step down lol. My first phone was a lemon, had to exchange it. I've rooted this ice already. Tomorrow I will be doing system pulls to analyze the bootloader and begin a paranoid from. I don't notice much difference in the phones speed but still plan to overcook.
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