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Current Apps Not Syncing w/Online Google Play Account

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by FullGrownNut, Sep 11, 2013.

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    I Hope someone can help with this issue. I have more than one Google Account syncing to my new HTC One phone (which I've had for about three weeks now). I had a previous Android device before this one, which I had the same Google Accounts synced to.

    When I'm logged into EITHER ONE of the two Google Accounts online through Google Play, both show the two Android devices associated with the accounts (my old device, and my new one), however, in "My Apps" section, one account is showing my current apps with my new HTC One phone, and the other Google (Play) Account is showing ONLY my old apps which were installed in my previous Android phone. I WANT BOTH Google Accounts to reflect my current apps installed in my new phone. And again, BOTH accounts online list BOTH devices. I have searched EVERY setting in my Google Play account online, and there is NO way to switch between devices in the "MY APPS" section, in order to show the apps associated with the phone that YOU WANT to show the apps for.

    In the Google Play app in my current (HTC One) phone, I EVEN switched Google accounts by simply just selecting the desired one from the top menu (the Play app allows you to switch between Google Accounts associated with your phone, interchangeably). I thought that maybe if I switched to the desired Google account on my Google Play's phone app (the Google Play account online that is NOT showing my current HTC One installed apps - it's only showing the old apps from my old previous device), it would then sync them accordingly, but this STILL doesn't resolve the issue.

    I also even tried totally DELETING my old device from both of my Google Play accounts online, BUT there is NO way to do it since there are NO settings to be able to do this. The only thing it allows you to do is just uncheck the device you don't want to show up in menus in Google Play when searching for apps to install online to your device.

    And also, I'm PRETTY SURE that I have the Sync setting in my phone set properly to allow apps to be Synced with my online Google Play accounts because ALL my Sync options for ALL Google services are checked off for BOTH accounts in my phone (of all of the services you can select, I'm assuming the one associated with Google Play apps is the one labeled "App Data"?).

    I have been trying to figure this out for the longest time now, and it SHOULD NOT be this difficult. I would really appreciate any help to resolve this. Thanks.


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