Root Custom Binary blocked by FRP lock

Hey...I downloaded this app from google play and after I purchased it, it told me I then needed to download the KWGT app for it. So...I did. It then told me I needed to restart my phone. I did...and now I can't even get it to turn on. It just flashes like it's starting up. Home screen pulls up but then it says "Custom binary blocked by FRP lock." About 6 weeks ago my husband supposedly rooted my phone (either w/ Kingroot or TWRP) but I never saw a difference in it's hardware in/capabilities. I never had complete access to this stupid thing. It's possessed by "Bloatware Bixby." (Hence the need for a root.) Anyway...Can you plz direct me on where I need to go to fix this, or to the closest trashcan**


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It's a Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (Samsung-SM-J730G 2017) I tried to download a new driver for/to it. My pc couldn't find the device to install it. It was basically reading it as a memory card.