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So I found this thread [MOD] Custom Black HTC Dialer & Phone w/ability to set custom font (new colors added) - xda-developers about a black custom dialer. I've installed it correctly and changed the color. I'm running into a problem of changing the fonts and manually changing the background. In a post

"Nice work. Are you planing on any colors besides black?

I based it off black since this is my personal preference, but you can really make it any color you want very easily. Since I changed the fonts to white / gray, it really only works well on a darker color background.

So, to change the dialer background / button color, all you have to do is open up 2 files, in the '/res/drawable-hdpi/' folder of


And change them (color fill) from black to whatever color you prefer. I've attached both files for your reference. I can certainly do this for you if you want / and provide another MetaMorph, but that should get you going."

I've found these file but cannot figure out how to change them. I am using Astro file Manger. My question here is do I need a different file manager that has superuser permission? Can I gain access to these files using my computer? I am having the same problem changing the fonts and think this is due to this issue as well.


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I haven't tried this yet, but I would recommend trying root explorer. Our if you don't want to pay for the better program I think estrong our something makes a similar program. I may try this tonight tho and then I can give you some better direction. Good luck.


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Ok, using root explorer allowed me to copy and past a new font in the /system/fonts/ folder but I cannot figure out how to change the background color myself in
/System/framework/ Am I somehow suppose to somehow place a color image here? Any Ideas?