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Custom boot animation

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by auburn2eugene, May 23, 2015.

  1. ghet2rockuu

    ghet2rockuu Android Enthusiast


  2. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    Thanks for the link ghet2rockuu, Im currantly using the optimus prime andy boot img. from inside rom toolbox. Hey U have any idea why the image Im trying to upload for my pic on here just buffers a while but never actually uploads the image Im trying to use?
  3. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    and is it possible to change ones username to a nickname? My bad Im new to android forums
  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    See your inbox. ;)
  5. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    Thanks bro
  6. Meep70

    Meep70 Lurker

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  7. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    Im on the F6 by LG running GameThoerys Xperion rom & my device isnt compatible with chainfire liveboot Im sure there are others. Right now Im using the optimus prime andy smokin guns boot img from inside rom toolbox lite. Good look on sending the link friend
  8. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    Im playin around with the read ahead values of the sd card using the sd booster from inside rom toolbox lite, Im currently set at 3072 kb seams pretty smooth but Im new to tweaking this setting anybody have any info on this? Im running GameTheorys Xperion rom on the metroPCS LG Optimus F6 D500 4.1.2 with Freedom kernel overclocked if that info helps, thanks in advance for a simple run down of a good stable swift SD read ahead value setting/settings
  9. john buhrman

    john buhrman Newbie

    i soooooo want that one please

    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

    the link is in the description...it's without sound tho
  11. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    That boot img. is also inside the Boot animations section at the back inside ROM Toolbox Lite app in playstore
  12. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    Thks 4 the info though, N ya Im nt sure if it has sound er nt I dnt think so N if this is the same one thts in rom toolbox lite then ya it doesnt have sound then. I myself dont like how its so lil, I myself am using Optimus prime andy with the lil smokin guns it blends in with a nice big pic no small squared image.
  13. MoonMan83

    MoonMan83 Newbie

    Does anyone know how to change the splash screen?
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  14. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    Splash screen, what is this splash screen if I may be as so bold as to enquire there budroski?
  15. starkraving

    starkraving Android Expert

    It's the logo.bin(at least for Motorola) its not the same thing as a boot animation. It's the static image prior to boot. You need to flash device specific boot logos/splash screens.
  16. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    So like a Motorola symbol/icon then a boot animation of another sort follows a Motorola symbol er somthin? My bad I've never really held any motorolas. So ya I was just wonderin is all my man.:)
  17. starkraving

    starkraving Android Expert

    Exactly that. Static image the boot animation...
  18. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    O ok sweet. Ya I use rom toolbox lite which has a few boot img's inside it, not the widest selection of img's but a couple are cool. I'm not a big transformers fan, (srry fans) but I'm a sucker for anything android cyan etc. so at the moment I'm using an Optimus prime android logo for my boot img.. The seamingly ever popular Android pissin on a Apple iPhone logo is on the app, Its ok but it's small on the screen the imaging that is. Ya its confined to a small box in the middle of the screen, would be sweeter if it was full screen if U ask me.
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  19. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    Some of the boot animations are for tablets aswell, according to the labels on some of the img. downloads anyway. Anybody have a link or two handy for some sweet boot img's?
  20. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    JollyRoger bootanimation formatted for 720×1280px. You'll have to change name of zip to whatever the name your device recognizes as a bootanimation..

  21. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    Change the name of the zip a? hmmmmm So change the name of the zip to boot animation for instance if or whatever my other boot img's lables read being one way to do this right for instance? Srry just trying to get the info right. Not that U didn't explain clearly.
  22. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    For instance: my ZTE phone bootanimation sits in system/media as a zip labeled "bootanimation_boost.zip" (without quotations)

    I change the name of whatever bootanimation zip I want to use for my specific phone to the to the same name as the one that is currently working in my phone. In this case, the label I quoted above. So if the file I downloaded and wanna use says "bootanimation_nexus.zip", I'd change it to "bootanimation_boost.zip" ..place it in same folder as the current one and erase/overwrite the old one. Don't forget to change permissions to rw--r--r then reboot & enjoy
  23. Blackhawk1969

    Blackhawk1969 Well-Known Member

    sort of bricked my phone trying to make my own boot animation, heres what i did..although i have root access root explorer will not allow me to change the system to r/w unless i used the bootswitcher from Masterchief. so i did, replaced my bootanimation with one i made using identical names for all the files containted within it except there were about 40 more .jpeg files in mine, the dimensions and file extensions were all the same and i changed the permissions to rw-r-r using root explorer rebooted. got android gray screen and then black.. then it looked like it was going to light up but stayed black.. i could hear my volume keys and all that but my main screen would not load. anyway i started sweating. so i went into twrp restored boot image and tried rebooting. same thing soooooo anway i just restored my backup from twrp and all is as it was...before i rooted. so I reinstalled supersu and now im back to being rooted however i lost all the tweaks i did to my system such as moviing all my ringtones to system/media/audio/ringtones etc.. anyway thank tptb and Hroark and all involved for my nand backup. anyone know what i could have done wrong? did i need to change file permissions on all files inside the bootanimation.zip as well? or could it be because i copied the description file from the original to the one i made?
  24. Masterchief87

    Masterchief87 Android Expert

    All you needed to do was flash the restore zip, reboot recovery, mount system in twrp, and use the twrp file manager to delete /system/media/boot animation.zip. Situations like this are exactly why twrp has a built in file manager.
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