Root Custom kernel with FUSE support


Hi, all.

Has anyone managed to get a custom kernel with FUSE running on it yet? I wanted to try Paragon's filesystem driver which would, among other things, allow me to use exFAT-formatted cards, including SDXC cards. Paragon's driver needs FUSE support since the filesystem code runs in userspace, owing to patent issues with exFAT.

I tried it with another Gingerbread phone, an HTC EVO which does have FUSE, but the OS's own mounting facilities try to work before Paragon does. The net result is that it mangles what's on the card. If it turns out that I can expect the same thing on this phone, I'll just grin and bear it until I get an ICS or better phone (or by some miracle, the Attain 4G happens to get ICS).