Nov 29, 2009

I work in IT and would like to setup custom notifications based the Subject line for an email or SMS message. For example, I may want the phone on vibrate but have any email/SMS with the string "CRITICAL" (case sensitive) in the subject use a loud alert sound and repeat every 2 min until I acknowledge or read the email. The closest thing I could find was having handcent do a custom notification on the SMS sender's number, but it lacks the repeat options. Anyone know of an app that can do this?

The handcent developer seems to be on top of things. I'd recommend shooting him an email with your request. As for an existing app, I don't think so.

Will handcent override your phone on vibrate to play an audible notification for a given contact?

Side note: There is a silly fart app out that creates a 'fart bomb'. The features is, whenever the word 'fart' or 'fart bomb' are in a text message that you recieve it will make a fart noise (assuming that this feature is on) I'd assume it could be tweaked relatively easily to change the trigger and sound. Still no reminder feature here either though :-\
Yeah, I've requested this functionality from the Handcent developer although it would only cover SMS and not Email.
You can do this with a 3rd party app called eNotify. It will enable you play different sounds based on subject rule...And many other rules to boot. Cheers.