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Root CUSTOM Rabid ROM ZT282 7" C71 E8_N1 De-odexed

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rabid1, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Rabid1

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    Jul 15, 2011
    This is a ICS ROM with some build.prop and WiFi tweaks based off the stock 0709 release.

    The ROM has been de-odexed. I did not delete any bloat or add any apps. I wanted a full working ROM for everyone to play with as they want it. I will release a small patch with some more visuals and disable some of the telephony stuff. I figured for now a little at a time as the ZT282 C71 can be picky.

    There are two files the ZT-UPDATE already configured for the E8-1N using Omarahum's 0709 1GHZ and 2GB Data MOD, with the 1M and 1N files and a backup of the stock build.prop and wpa_supplicant.conf. The second file it the de-odexed jar and apk files both standard and optimized.

    Added build tweaks for better WiFi, Streaming, Smoother scrolling and transitions, it should see slightly better battery.
    Used optimized de-odexed system files.
    Changed default background and added bootanimation -changed battery icons, but they didn't hold - hmmmm.
    Replaced stock recovery and kernel with Omarahum's 0709 E8-1N OC'd 1GHZ kernel and 2GB data partition recovery.

    Thanks to Omarahum, Torenton, and all the ZT282 users for all the posts that helped get this going.

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